SBM mine machine: Mobile and broken station is in building rubbish south family large investment is used

  • According to statistic, shenzhen city produces per year unripe building rubbish to amount to 10 million tons, the building rubbish that the whole nation produces every year is in 100 million tons of above, the majority did not pass processing. Face building rubbish of so much, this what course to follow? SBM mine machine tells everybody, research and development gave building rubbish to handle equipment now, settling building rubbish encircle a city is difficult problem no longer.
    SBM mine machine sells the building that goes to Shenzhen rubbish processing equipment, had thrown production. Visit from the personnel after carry out look, current, this equipment is in south 8 ground production uses area of division senior colonel. Nearly 1 million tons building litter produces in facing early days of new campus of university of southern science and technology and Shenzhen university to tear open change project, mobile and broken station became the building rubbish of SBM mine machine to build the sharp weapon of rubbish. Build rubbish through the spot broken station is broken, cooperate to make bricky machine again, the structure rubbish makes grass of the brick of Holand of brick of second birth aggregate, sincere, air brick, color, brick that show water, square brick, establish the second birth of 15 kinds of green such as stone of edge of brick, road building materials product, these products will be answered entirely with Yunake the construction of big, deep big new campus.
    If press a tradition to handle way, litter of this batch of buildings is all outside carry is filled bury, need to take up land 6.67 hectare. The carriage car that builds litter in great quantities still can give urban traffic to bring great pressure, do not accord with science to develop view and policy of industry of national loop economy. Via calculating, division a lunar month of 30 days builds litter to use the method that the spot handles south, but managing land natural resources makes an appointment with 6 hectare; to be changed by building litter resource use integratedly change rate 90% plan, the carry outside can reducing makings of natural arenaceous Shi Yuan to use up; of 600 thousand stere to be able to save building litter and fill bury deal with many yuan of 4000; implements fee production value more than yuan 6000.
    Southern division is Shenzhen builds green of litter on the spot first times to digest greatly, the project that second birth uses, also be first equipment that SBM mine machine sells past Shenzhen. The hope is in before long in the future, every city uses building rubbish to handle equipment, protected an environment not only so, still can use building litter integratedly.
    (the article is offerred by SBM mine machine)