Turn over the checkmate main achievement in broken product line

  • Turning over checkmate is the finely equipment in breaking equipment, its finely function is accepted, the device that it uses after honest jaw is broken, jaw is broken responsible is thick broken, in the course thick after defeating, should pass fine broken, also be to oppose checkmate broken machine, turn over checkmate to have N composition of many spare partses, especially fittings is very important, there is what kind of connection between these fittings so, their relation how, there is what connection again between every fittings, we discuss today.

    1, bar

    Bar uses Gao Ge to alloy material pledges and make a technology newly, unique structure is designed, treatment finished product shows cube, without tension and break, bead look is quite good; It is tall wear-resisting cast of reliance, bar wears away to answer to be adjusted in time when certain level or change, in order to avoid the loss of fastener and other component. The adjustment of bar: Open rear cover with device of hydraulic pressure renovate, with hand roll rotor, the bar that will need to adjust or changes turns to overhaul place, secure rotor next, tear open go spare parts of bar fixed position should roll out bar edge axial from overhaul door part, or from frame intermediate condole goes out, when disassembling, need to use hand hammer to be beaten gently on bar.

    2, strike back board

    Strike back board use armor plate solder to become commonly, the scaleboard that its strike back cover jacket has wear-resisting, but usable also strike back roller or slat of comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb are comprised, contain what comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb seams to strike back face, content of form of its product granule is less, equipment productivity can rise, power consumption province, but existence structure is complex, after striking back the face wears away, be hard to change, wear away to wait for blemish quickly.

    3, impaction piece

    Impaction piece applies extensively on machinery of of all kinds mine, material actors or actress character, property is certain, can ask to make according to differring. After bear test run is finished, answer impaction piece to undertake be adjustmented necessarily, have heat treatment technology reasonable, wearability good, strength is advanced and superior characteristic, strike back type crusher impaction piece automatic outfit places an orgnaization, the orgnaization introduced air cylinder drive, linkage mechanism reachs the kind of linear slideway, realized impaction piece clip to hold, clip of feed, another end is held, at the same time the ordinal movement such as loose, go back. Whole process uses complete pneumatic control, the action is accurate and credible, satisfied use requirement.

    4, edge fender

    Strike back scaleboard is to strike back of type crusher important and fragile original, scaleboard wears away the beat back after ageing hits ability to drop, often cause scaleboard by down accident, still cause broken secret to seal function to drop the dust with larger generation. After opening, go up frame, demolish secure the split pin that strikes back scaleboard is used, nut opening slot, bolt, can after will wearing away strike back scaleboard changes, if install,strike back newly scaleboard, conversed afore-mentioned measure can.

    5, fang Gang

    Fang Gang shows square, cent is seamed to have and can not have seam. Have seaming Fang Gang is solder together by armor plate, make steel tube of set prescription form, strike back type crusher is not had seaming Fang Gang change to unplug and be made by seamless steel tube, its are fought press ability to seam square canal at having greatly far, strike back the Fang Gang of type crusher equipment rises not to let expect the action of square once upon a time eduction.

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