Strike back the working principle of type crusher and type

  • Strike back the working principle of type crusher and type

    Strike back be worn of hammer on type crusher main shaft 2, ask in what hammer wears receive have peen 3, peen can swing on hammer wearing about 120. angle, contain in half of housing Bi 4, give broken stock with discharge. To protect housing, in its wall is set have scaleboard. Call rotor by main shaft, hammer wearing and the swing tower that peen forms. Stock enters hammer type broken in, of the peen that is rotated namely by high speed pound and by broken. Stock obtains kinetic energy to be pounded to housing wall and get the 2nd times with high speed from peen place broken, lesser stock passes Bi eduction makes eligible product; Bigger stock is in Bi on continue to get of hammer pound and again broken, till pass Bi entirely eduction. Because the impact resistance of all sorts of brittleness stock is poor, accordingly, this kind of crusher is being used on action principle is more reasonable. Strike back the sort of type crusher is very much, can undertake classified according to undermentioned structure feature. The 1 amount that presses rotor, cent is odd rotor and double rotor two kinds. 2) presses the circumgyrate direction of rotor, cent reachs reversible form to cannot go against type two kinds. The permutation that 3) presses hammer means, cent discharges type and many type for sheet two kinds. Former hammer installation is turning together together on plane, latter hammer distributings to go up in several circumgyrate plane. The join means that 4) presses hammer to go up in rotor, still can divide to secure hammer type and mobile hammer type two kinds. Those who secure hammer type to basically be used at soft qualitative stock is finely grind with pink. Grind with the counterweight that grinds at pink machine.