The problem with arenaceous stone common product line reachs a means of settlement

  • The problem with arenaceous stone common product line reachs a means of settlement

    Arenaceous stone product line as mine machinery among numerous equipment indispensable equipment, in whole make there is main effect among arenaceous process. And the efficiency that the function of equipment of arenaceous stone product line is affecting the work directly and crop. My company thinks to be before the equipment problem that understands arenaceous stone product line, must want to have certain knowledge to equipment itself, such ability are managing more time create more benefit.

    1, common problem has a lot of, when having among them see via regular meeting. How is be like equipment to warm up to return a responsibility? Should undertake regularly checking to bearing here and change lube.

    2, because of,the temperature of bearing rises highland: By bearing cooling water is pressed and usually discharge is caused, want to undertake regularly adjustment.

    3, the installation of arenaceous stone product line has the process that reachs test-drive in the center sure should adjust the distance between good end lid and axis, should time between bear job especially undertake detecting and adjust in time, avoid friction and cause temperature to lift.

    4, the cause that equipment vibration causes: Look above all whether because rotor is lopsided and cause, it is the impact that examines stock is mixed additionally not all and those who cause. Usually arenaceous stone product line is among regular job, the vibration when stock is entered in the center can greaten apparently, should add stock to be met a little while too continuously only slowly normal.

    The common problem specification that no matter encounter which problem among arenaceous stone product line to want to consult,arenaceous Shi Sheng produces line manufacturer place to offer undertakes operating, lest handling the work of equipment of the influence below undeserved circumstance. Manufacturer of arenaceous stone product line suggests to want to undertake to equipment fixed ground is maintained, ability assures the job with efficient equipment.