Limestone aerocrete preparation, SBM large crusher suits very much

  • Limestone aerocrete preparation, SBM large crusher suits very much

    At present aerocrete block serves as a kind of new-style housing materials, with pledging gently, the characteristic such as adiabatic, fire prevention has been applied generally in countrywide each district. Technology of block of our country aerocrete is relatively mature, among them silicon qualitative raw material and calcic qualitative raw material are aerocrete there basically is two to plant in production advocate raw material, and the main raw material of calcic qualitative raw material is limestone, next river the pink of arenaceous, stone, gangue, fly ash, scoria raw material that can serve as aerocrete. The processing of aerocrete block raw material should be become through broken screening above all enough small size and stone pink, ability makes mortar, then ability preparation block. River arenaceous raw material should purchase fine sand to arenaceous stone factory, can raise pink to grind efficiency; Shi Fenxuan uses the stone bit that quarry produces.

    The mainest calcic simple stuff in limestone aerocrete, main effect is to supply effective oxidation calcium and quantity of heat. Because the quality of to calcine limestone is right the preparation impact of aerocrete block is very big, the limestone bead diameter that must assure to calcine lime so is consistent, will reduce limy quantity wave motion effectively to be opposite the influence of aerocrete quality. If be,offer limestone, river to make air entrainment piece so factory of the quarry of the raw material such as arenaceous, fine sand, arenaceous stone, that must want to take the type selecting of equipment of arenaceous product line of stone crusher, river, clastic rock product line and configuration seriously, assure size of bead of arenaceous Shi Ke thereby even, grading is reasonable.

    From the Henan SBM industrial know that is engaged in research and development of breaking equipment of cement raw material and production for a long time, broken product line obtained the large limestone that my company configures the reliance of cement plant, this product line by oscillatory feeder, gnathic type crusher, large strike back crusher, hammer type crusher, DPC is odd paragraph of hammer type crusher, efficient make conveyer of arenaceous machine, vibrating separator, leather belt wait for equipment to comprise, professional equipment matchs model make rate of automation of this product line high with reasonable collocation, manufacturing efficiency tall, moving cost low, income is high, it is good that seed of finished product stone spends form of even, bead, accord with the production of aggregate of arenaceous stone of national high order and degree to ask. The welcome comes to my company to inspect a choose and buy before broad client, connect a telephone call: 0371-60398619