Foreign crusher is better than domestic crusher in what respect

  • Foreign crusher is better than domestic crusher in what respect

    Foreign crusher development is early, investment is high, quality is good, the price is expensive this is the market is accepted. But instead very big company buys crusher, because the price of domestic crusher is a lot of lower than foreign crusher price,this also is, at the same time the quality of domestic crusher, type, model is better and better also, the crusher quality of the crusher of domestic certain manufacturer and abroad differs now very few, the price compares foreign petty gain instead, because this attracted many abroad client,come home is bought.
    But although domestic crusher is in above the price have very large dominant position, but general situation of home and foreign photograph are compared or have bigger difference, also only partial manufacturer ability reachs advanced level of abroad, so is difference in after all what respect?
    The intelligence that basically is centered in crusher changes an aspect, abroad now basically is crawler mobile and broken station, the job is reliable, mobile and convenient, it is OK that hand of a worker takes wireless control to carry operation a complete set of is mobile and broken the station works, it is the price quite expensive. Material pledges and machine the distinction of craft namely additionally, the performance of material qualitative wear-resisting of foreign crusher is quite excellent, the 2-3 that service life of new-style bar material is home times, the price is domestic coequal product 5 times the left and right sides, consequently domestic crusher still attracted many foreign client to buy. Major of SBM limited company produces crusher, export abroad all the year round, the client should choose the device that good place uses only, after paying, the others matters concerned can have a company to monopolize entirely, bag production, deliver goods, installation, serve till one continuous line of put into production.
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