The development course of gnathic type crusher reachs performance dominant position

  • Gnathic type crusher appeared 1858, although it is a kind of old broken mine equipment, but because its have construction simple, the job is reliable, it is easy to make, maintenance is convenient wait for an advantage, still wait for a branch to win wide application in metallurgy mine, housing materials, chemical industry and railroad up to now. In mine, it is used at be opposite likely hard or medium hard ore undertakes thick in mixing, break. The expression of performance dominant position of gnathic type crusher is in the following respects: 1. Broken antrum deep and without dead band, rose to receive makings ability and yield; Its are broken than big, product granuality is even; 2. Spacer type discharges makings mouth adjusting gear, go to the lavatory reliably, adjusting range is big, added the flexibility of equipment; 3. Lubricant system on the safe side, the component changes convenient, maintain workload is small; The structure is simple, the job is reliable, operation fare is low. 4. Equipment is energy-saving: Stand-alone is energy-saving 15% ~ 30% , the system is one times more energy-saving above; Platoon makings mouth adjusts range big, can satisfy different user want a requirement; Noise is low, dust is little. Gnathic type crusher uses device of hydraulic pressure insurance, can rely on safety, remove trouble easily again. Big, medium-sized crusher uses casting to have commonly cling to the sliding bearing of family name alloy, it can bear bigger concussion load, compare wear-resisting again. Crusher of small-sized jaw type is multi-purpose scroll bearing, its transmission efficiency is tall, maintenance is convenient.