Fluid pressure type is conic the main structure of crusher

  • Fluid pressure type is conic the main structure of crusher

    Hydraulic pressure is conic crusher is mine gangue reclaims optimal choice, main component is one-cylinder and much crock two kinds, one-cylinder hydraulic pressure is conic crusher is our country finalize the design product, and the application of much crock type is not much. The construction of conic crusher is like one-cylinder type hydraulic pressure graph.

    The construction of this machine basically has on frame is secured namely outside awl and inside the surface is fixed have manganese steel scaleboard, casting of next axle sleeve of drive of level of axle sleeve of frame along with are an organic whole, on, next frame are secured together by bolt, lower part of prejudicial axle sleeve is secured with bolt have hydraulic pressure oil cylinder. Secure on vertical axis have movable inner cone, contain in the surface outside its manganese armor plate, those who set upright axial bottom to insert prejudicial axle sleeve - prejudicial Kong Zhong, prop up the piston in hydraulic pressure crock to go up.

    Conic crusher main transfer machinery, job reachs one-cylinder hydraulic pressure lubricant process and spring are conic crusher is basic and identical.

    Hydraulic pressure insurance and platoon mine mouth adjusting gear: One-cylinder hydraulic pressure is conic adjusting gear all is the insurance unit of crusher and platoon mine mouth the hydraulic pressure system below airframe, when there is difficult broken eyewinker to enter in broken mine antrum, pressure of susceptive of place of movable inner cone increases, this pressure is delivered through setting upright an axis below the piston of hydraulic pressure oil cylinder, oil pressure oil sump tank, right now platoon mine mouth increases, the crock of oily regurgitate hydraulic pressure in the gasoline tank after eduction of difficult broken eyewinker, the piston that carries hydraulic pressure jar will set upright axial along with the extensive since top of movable inner cone recovers from an illness, crusher returns to normal the job.

    The adjustment of mouth of mine of this equipment platoon can use the method that adjusts oil pressure volume to make the piston rises, drop, make movable inner cone rise, fall to adjust the mouth that discharge mine.