The finished product powder that ball mill provided reasonable standard for metalloid ore and metallic ore is fineness

  • SBM ball mill is major is ground for pink of mine mineral separation, slag, metallic ore and metalloid ore offer high grade pink wear to taste stock, it is current the most effective alternative that exceeds fine ball to wear device, according to the requirement of the demand of stock and market, can choose to work type and wet two kinds of means work, suit to be used at all sorts of treatment that exceed hard stock particularly, be like: Slag pink is ground, the iron in metallic ore, zinc, nickel, copper, aluminium and blame belong to the quartz in ore the treatment of all sorts of ore such as mine of arenaceous, jade-like stone rock.
    Nevertheless ball mill is called again exceed fine pink to grind treatment facilities, it is the device that machining pink wears domain first selection, in all sorts of mine stock treatment, it is indispensable equipment, let an user obtain best the most high quality finished product powder, there is the advantage that cannot replace in all sorts of mine exercise, have the following performance advantage:
    1, pass gyral cylindrical shell, use up dynamic fall lowest, pink grinds ability stronger.
    2, in-house scaleboard undertakes fixed going up to cylindrical shell with screw, more convenient change.
    3, suit to be used at all sorts of 20mm especially all sorts of the following hardness, tall Gu, hard, medium good stock treatment, finished product pink not eye number obtained 80-300 order.
    4, when be being used at form a complete set of machinery of whole mineral separation, can choose 900-3200 of cylindrical shell caliber according to output, length arrives from 1800 meters the grading equipment of all sorts of different specifications of 4500.
    5, through giving the bamboo comb of makings mouth board can not undertake modulatory to finished product pink.
    Because grid type and overflow type grind the internal composition of machine differently to differ, what produce according to place is fineness the equipment that will choose to suit with the grain size that enter bead is very important, in mix into makings mouth give makings opening two kinds of equipment are not same, stock differs in machine interior and steel ball undertake osculatory, stock is undertaking bumping smashing as the steel ball of altitude, because steel ball is cast,fall while, assured source dot also has stock, undertake protective to scaleboard and cylindrical shell, also have to service life of equipment considerably rise.