Middling of process of movement of gnathic type crusher sees the problem is solved

  • Middling of process of movement of gnathic type crusher sees the problem is solved

    Generally speaking, the following problem can appear in process of movement of gnathic type crusher: Lead plane stops suddenly machine; Crop why short of gives factory level; The activity is gnathic board why to when working with stationary jaw plate, have jumpy or clash; Advocate the trough annulus, movement that move jaw is normal, but broken job stops to wait for a problem. How does simple introduction solve the problem that gnathic type crusher appears in locomotive process for you below:

    One, lead plane stops suddenly machine (common says: Frowzily car)


    1, the platoon expects the mouth jams, cause have one's bosom filled with to block up makings;

    2, the V belt that drive slot cycle uses is too loose, cause leather belt to skid;

    3, eccentric shafe decides lining closely to become loose, the bearing that causes frame inside both sides very close to each other is unoccupied place, deflect arbor gets stuck dead, cannot turn;

    4, yard ground voltage is too low, after lead plane encounters aniseed, faint and broken;

    5, the bearing of gnathic type crusher appears problem, the likelihood has damaged.

    Eliminate a method:

    1, mouth of cleared platoon makings jams content, ensure a makings is expedite;

    2, tone is tightened or change V belt;

    3, reinstall or change to decide lining closely;

    4, the voltage of square work place, the made requirement that accords with voltage of lead plane job;

    5, change bearing.

    2, advocate the trough annulus, movement that move jaw is normal, but broken work stop


    1, taut bedspring ruptures;

    2, pull rod ruptures;

    3, bracket falls off or rupture.

    Eliminate a method:

    1, change taut bedspring;

    2, change pull rod;

    3, reinstall or change bracket.

    3, crop short of gives factory level


    1, the range that operation instruction handbook be exceedinged by the hardness of broken stock or tenacity sets;

    2, electromotor wiring position is received instead, lead plane leaves return a vehicle (move gnathic suitable hour hand to rotate) , or electric machinery triangle receives a law to receive astral form to receive a standard;

    3, platoon makings mouth is less than prescribed limit;

    4, jaw board shift, tine top and tine top are opposite;

    5, working site voltage is too low;

    6, the gap after moving jaw and bearing to wear away is too big, make bearing outer lane produces opposite roll.

    Eliminate a method:

    1, change or increase crusher;

    2, wiring of exchange electric machinery;

    3, the mouth of nominal platoon makings that the platoon expects the mouth adjusts a manual to set and increase use at finely crusher;

    4, dimension of pitch of examination toothed segment, if not agree with,mark must change definitely jaw board, square stationary jaw plate and activity the relative position of jaw board, after making sure tine carries pair of tine roots on the head, secure impaction, prevent shift;

    5, increase yard ground tension, those who make get used to requirement of lead plane burden;

    6, change bearing or move jaw.

    4, job of activity and stationary jaw plate beats from time to tome or clash


    1, the close solid bolt of jaw board becomes loose or drop;

    2, platoon makings mouth is too small, two jaw board bottom is bumped each other.

    Eliminate a method:

    1, be decided closely or match neat bolt;

    2, square discharges makings mouth, assure two jaw board correct clearance.