Make artificially arenaceous alleviate pressure of domestic Sha Shi natural resources

    • Make artificially arenaceous alleviate pressure of domestic Sha Shi natural resources

    • Make Sha Huan see pressure of resource of domestic sanded stone artificially

      The day that builds as infrastructure is exhibited inereasingly and to environmental protection strength strengthen stage by stage, already appeared in area of our country half natural sanded resource decreases stage by stage, the state that does not have resource even, especially the especially big city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and economy developed area, contradiction of sanded stone supply and demand is highlighted especially. If the course is proper grading with treatment, many gangue can make artificial sand, solved an environment to pollute a problem already, raised resource utilization rate again, form integrated benefit.

      Artificial Sha Shi is projects of all sorts of each big project, key water control project is main the raw material that use sand, as a result of natural Sha Shi decrease increasingly, the country prohibits the development that collected policy to limit construction industry to what relevant wadi adopts, and had very good stimulative effect at this time. Be in our country to become those who produce application to teach maturity dene artificially is each large construction project, the use experience of the system of sanded stone production that makes sanded equipment be project form a complete set and artificial sand is perfected quite and mature, the trend that develops in recent years is very favorable, the devoted production of the product line that make sand makes each large and medium-sized the city quickened development pace, the standard of artificial Sha Shi has been approbated by more and more people. Those who make sanded product line is extensive by what be used technically at artificial sanded production by enterprise or individual broken with screening system and dustproof and anti-fouling caught facility and system, portable type or product line of half movable type are waited a moment. The development of the industry, provided vast development space for different broken sizing device, at this moment equipment sort and model appear ceaselessly the demand that got used to disparate arrangement of ideas, can satisfy the need that industry of our country sanded stone admits basically.

      Artificial Sha Shi has a lot of advantage:

      1, it is natural sand less and less, can collect dig area and river, through old exploitation, resource is decreasing quickly, some areas are natural dried up already or sand is adjacent dried up, have some of area and river, to maintain ecological balance of dam of river of dam of river of natural landscape, protection, protection, regulate forbidden mine. Because this amount of natural sand and quality cannot be satisfied far,national infrastructure will build the need that etc builds henceforth, Make arenaceous machineThe occurrence that makes sand solved this problem.

      2, the sand that mechanism sand passes the machine that make sand and other to accessory equipment is machined and be become, finished product is more regular, can ask to machine the sand of different regulation and size according to different technology, can satisfy daily requirement more.

      3, it is to be able to make recycle of many mullock resource. As we have learned, the classics of mine of a few quarry of countrywide each district extracts for years, gangue (rock bits) deserted, accumulation is like hill, pollute an environment to take up already land, waste resource again, like Fujian limited company of a clastic rock is mirrorred, produce stone of 1 ton of norms, will produce 0.2-0.25 ton rock bits gangue, this company produces stone of 2 million tons of norms every year, produce rock bits gangue every year namely 500 thousand tons, factory of quarry of countrywide each district presses this scale computation, amount of rock bits gangue is very considerable. Still have many wadi pebble, did not use basically. Producing mechanism sand is to become useless to be treasure, make full use of already resource, solved the difficult problem with insufficient sand, handled a large number of gangue, pebble again; Reduced pollution already, cleared wadi, raised money again, can saying is making overall plans and take all factors into consideration, with one action is counted.

      4, it is raw material is abounded, be in our country, everywhere of big hill river is visible, mine of countrywide each district has the rich such as many rock bits, gangue and wadi pebble, be helpful for use local materials of mechanism sanded industry, production of on the spot, on the spot is supplied, reduce transport costs already, reduce operating costs again, economic benefits is very considerable.

      Equipment of complete set of the mechanical product line that make sand includes SBM Vsi is efficient the machine that make sand, 2YA1237 vibrating separator, XSD2610 washs sanded machine and leather belt conveyer, installation cost supply and demand many yuan 30, manufacturing staff wants 3 people only / class river pebble makes sanded machine. Produce direct cost to be 4.93 yuan / ton, installation cost needs only two many short the month can call in, if can use tails, rock bits is produced, criterion economic benefits is more self-evident. Henan galaxy makes sanded product line have very large dominant position, sand is built in the mechanism, stone and of all sorts of metallurgy scoria broken in it is to get be used generally more, particularly right in hard, especially hard stock has advantage more than the crusher of other type, crop effect makes arenaceous machine high.