The delibrate of mode of change crusher movement


    The structural characteristic of 1 inertial and conic crusher and working principle.

    The structural characteristic of 1.1 inertial and conic crusher.

    The structure of inertial and conic crusher. Its airframe is secured through vibration isolation component go up in chassis, working orgnaization is comprised by calm awl and mantle, on cone all with wear-resisting scaleboard, the space between scaleboard forms broken antrum. Mantle axis inserts axle sleeve in, the whirligig of electromotor is passed through main transfer machinery secure the vibrator on axle sleeve, force arises when vibrator rotates, the ball heart that forces mantle to circle spherical tile is done come back place motion. Inside a perpendicular plane, when mantle stands by calm awl, pound and stock is squashed by broken, when mantle leaves calm awl, because broken product is self-prossessed by eduction of platoon makings mouth. Rigid connection is not had between mantle and main transfer machinery.

    1.2 inertial and conic broken accident use an analysis.

    In inertial and conic crusher, rigid connection is not between mantle and main transfer machinery, the amplitude of mantle does not accept the restriction of transmission system, can change, its size depends on the balance that stock layer fights pressure resistance and broken force. When crusher just was started, mantle swings frequency is small, broken force is lesser, the amplitude of mantle is lesser, the moment of force that start is accordingly lesser also, take bear to start won't damage crusher, so, inertial and conic crusher can be taken bear is started and jockey. Same argument, in inertial and conic crusher, swarm makings just increased stock layer fight pressure resistance, the amplitude of mantle is reduced, won't cause " of crusher " frowsty car, do not need to install feeder. Below the action of force, mantle will stand by calm awl as far as possible, thereby stock broken finer, the largest size discharges its product only the left and right sides of 1/3 ~ 1/ 4 of makings clearance. Because rigid connection is not had between mantle and main transfer machinery, if stock is medium interfuse cannot broken object, mantle intermit moves, vibrator circles mantle axis to continue to turn, won't destroy transmission system and lead plane absolutely.

    Because inertial and conic crusher is to take bear to start, its start moment of force bigger, electric current of the instant when be being started so is bigger. To make sure crusher safety is started smoothly, chose relatively the electric machinery of high-power, actually, power of bad news of the place when crusher works normally has electric machinery rated power only 60% the left and right sides. To make electric machinery gains the enough moment of force that start, formed " old horse to play the phenomenon of car " necessarily. Difficulty is started when be fully loaded with definitely for solution, original belt transmission changes coincidence of quadrature of in the limit of hydraulic implement those who add reducer is flexible transmission.

    2 hydraulic coincidence implement working principle.

    Be restricted quadrature hydraulic coincidence implement the structure refers to document, the working oil that has certain amount is filled in its job antrum, it can assure drive shaft and driven axis between flexible connection. When electromotor drives impeller to turn, the oil inside impeller falls in the action of impeller lamina, because leave mental efforts to be forced to flow to the predestined relationship outside impeller, pound turbine lamina thereby, make turbine (drive shaft of machine of along with decelerate) follow impeller to turn with Xiang Xuan. Turbine turns the energy of working oil into mechanical energy to output, drive decelerate machine to reach secure the vibrator in axle sleeve to rotate. Working oil obtains energy to do work to turbine from impeller, after releasing energy, return impeller to draw energy afresh again, such loop move back and forth, realized impeller (active) with turbine (driven) the energy between is delivered, assured to secure the vibrator in axle sleeve to rotate by the requirement. Generation force makes ore is pounded, collide, extruding, cut wait for a variety of compound master piece broken with.

    Be restricted quadrature hydraulic coincidence implement decorate.

    3 add outfit be restricted quadrature hydraulic coincidence implement advantage.

    (1) two-step actuation improved startability, reduced starting moment of force to be added between electric machinery and load outfit be restricted quadrature hydraulic coincidence implement hind, make original " adds flexible hydraulic power among straight couplet " , change the one pace when " of " straight couplet starts for two-step actuation. Namely electric machinery of the first stage takes hydraulic coincidence implement impeller starts, because fluid couple closes implement pitching moment and rotate speed square become direct ratio (MB∝n21) , n1=0 criterion Mb=Bd=0, make electric machinery sky carries start, be in light soft after starting, rise quickly fast. Rise along with electric machinery rotate speed, MB (=MT) Yi Sheng is tall, when MB=MT≥MzQ, turbine drives load to start, rise fast. Start to turbine by electric machinery it is the first paragraph (time T1) , turbine takes load to start to be the 2nd paragraph to rated rotate speed (time T2) , t=t1+t2.t1 of whole starting time starts time for electric machinery, t2 starts time for load. The dynamical state of the J of moment of inertia of load of T2 be decided by and angular acceleration and transmission system. Add outfit hydraulic coincidence implement hind the time that start is controlled in 10s normally, the longest can amount to 2min. Big electric machinery requires when straight couplet drive (characteristic MD) just can start, add outfit hydraulic coincidence implement usable small electric machinery (characteristic Md) start same load Mz with MT of turbine moment of force. (2) start smooth hydraulic coincidence implement any mechanical connection are not had between output input, rely on liquid kinetic energy to deliver torque completely, transmission is consequently downy, self-reacting is strong.

    (3) it is very difficult to when reducing peak value of the electric current that start and duration crusher to be fully loaded with, be started, even if increased electric machinery size, the electric current that start is bigger still, and duration of the electric current that start is long, serious to concussion of electrified wire netting, the fee of electric specific power consumption when be being started so is bigger. And use hydraulic coincidence implement hind, because electric machinery can carry for nothing,start, so advocate the time that start is short, the electric current that start is small, small to concussion of electrified wire netting, managing electric energy. Shadow part starts managing electric energy namely, working machine inertia heals big, the time of the process that start grows more, the frequency that start heals frequent, use hydraulic coincidence implement energy-saving effect heals apparent.

    (4) have overload to protect a function.

    As a result of coincidence implement transmission does not have mechanical and direct link, reason is become outside when load exceeds certain limit, impeller moment of force rises no longer, right now electric machinery as usual runs, output falls fast till stop,turn, the power that draws from power source is changed into quantity of heat, make coincidence implement warm up, should warm up after reaching certain limit (it is 125 ℃ normally) , coincidence implement the fusible alloy in Yi Rong a place of strategic importance is fused, working liquid from Xiaokong ejective, output and input are cut off, make electric machinery, working machine is not damaged bad. Can lower fault rate effectively, defend charge and shutdown time, prolong the service life of electric machinery and working machine.

    4 hydraulic coincidence implement use with safeguard.

    (1) when electromotor reached rated rotate speed, secure the vibrator in axle sleeve to must begin to rotate, should cut off the power immediately otherwise stop machine examination, see load whether have calorie of dead appearance. Find out a reason to give eliminate.

    (2) hydraulic coincidence implement any moment not phenomenon of leakage of be patient of.

    (3) when successive movement, oil is lukewarm must not exceed 90 ℃ .

    (4) after locomotive 3000h, the quality that answers working oil undertakes checking, should give like oleaginous addle oil change, oily quantity inadequacy should give filling oil.

    (5) the wear out condition that inspects flexibility piece regularly, give when necessary change.

    (6) check electromotor axis and axis of working machine input to install precision regularly, give when necessary correctional.

    (7) do not allow to disassemble casually hydraulic coincidence implement, lest destroy sealed.

    (8) Yi Rong fills in is hydraulic coincidence implement overheat protector, do not replace with sincere snail a place of strategic importance.

    5 epilogue.

    From the point of practice, hydraulic coincidence implement the application on inertial and conic crusher is very successful, it not only section report, and the appearance that changed " of car of big Ma La of " of inertial and conic crusher; Reduced the impact to electrified wire netting, raised the power factor of electrified wire netting, make electric machinery more adjacent move in concentrated area. And, the gear of reducer casing of inertial and conic crusher pounds slow down and can keep apart twist brace up. Accordingly, it has extensive promotion application value.