From tripartite mask body the introduction strikes back hammer type crusher

  • From tripartite mask body the introduction strikes back hammer type crusher

    Strike back type crusher is the equipment of important form a complete set of preparation of the raw material in tile production technology, use at smashing to all sorts of brittleness raw material to handle, achieve the requirement of the craft that make a brick to grading of raw material grain, undertake to the raw material making a brick of two kinds of above processing still can achieve the goal of mixture leveling smashing at the same time, we provide body introduction to strike back from tripartite face below hammer type crusher.

    One, structural introduction

    Strike back hammer type crusher is main by peen rotor, housing two parts are comprised, peen rotor part is comprised by the component such as peen, runner shaft, dial, leather belt annulus, flywheel, bearing. Join with a hinge of peen activity ground is on the dial of rotor, dial of runner shaft along with is propped up in housing two side roll bearing on, the one aspect of the matter of runner shaft has balance effect of flywheel, another end contains leather belt annulus joins through transmission V-belt and electric machinery; SBM weighs labour to strike back the housing of type crusher is used armor plate solders and become, basically comprise by housing of feed hopper, upside, bottom housing, activity housing, housing wall is set have manganese steel scaleboard, have protective effect.

    2, working principle

    Strike back hammer type crusher is used install the runner shaft that rotates in the high speed inside housing, drive peen to pound stock to make its broken through rotary table, violent concussion gets the peen that the stock of infuse of housing upside feed hopper is rotated by high speed broken, because achieve energy from rotor,get percussive stock, fly to housing scaleboard with very high rate, get here broken, when the stock that is touched to answer by housing scaleboard falls to rotor, be pounded again again, suffer with respect to such stock break to checkmate repeatedly, discharge is passed after achieving a requirement fine-toothed comb board or screen mesh by eduction machine outside.

    3, performance dominant position

    Present makings opening big, broken pitch is high, get used to stock hardness tall, piece degree big, product stone pink is little; Concussion size is large, peen installation is adjustable, peen life is long, bar case measure is adjustable, product granuality can accuse, box can retroflexion, the overhaul is convenient, the structure is compact, machine tigidity is strong, carry reach installation to go to the lavatory, concussion, strike back, Shi Dashi is broken the function is complete, manufacturing efficiency is tall, integrated benefit is distinct, service life is long.