Muti_function the development of crusher technology

  • Muti_function the development of crusher technology

    Be in our country, development of equipment of crusher of mechanical concussion type is rapidder, partial equipment is in performance side and abroad congener equipment close, still have its even new characteristic; But breed and type are at present less, equipment is easy wear away congener equipment photograph compares life and abroad to still have certain difference, the key is material pledge and machine precision problem. Air current wears type more complete, new model is more also, but the large facility that has not exceeded fine pink crop to attain scale of 1t / H, and easy wear away the respect such as precision of qualitative, treatment also is in a material the difference with the constant presence on different level.
    Broken technology obtained a few welcome progress, but with the country such as Japan, Germany photograph comparing still has certain difference, but breed norms, scaleboard, medium and technical properties respect still have a lot of jobs to want to do. The structure that agitate grinds is perfect with each passing day, the development that grinds at style mix is successful, grind for agitate of industry of our country crusher familial added a kind of new model, with wet agitate grinds photograph comparing, can reduce follow-up dehydrate and dry trade, simplified craft, reduced manufacturing cost, it is the crusher equipment that foreground of a kind of application values consequently, will apply morely in each industries. Grinding aid and exterior active divide powder to will apply in crusher craft; Equipment and technology research develop unifinication. Crusher and classification equipment must get used to specific stock character and product index, scale model diversification, and nonexistent it is efficient and all-purpose to any stock crusher and classification equipment; Development is muti_function crusher and exterior modified equipment. If mix crusher dry wait for working procedure union, crusher and union of exterior modified photograph, principle of mechanical power chemistry and crusher technology photograph are united in wedlock, can enlarge the applied range that exceeds technology of fine pink Xue. Have the aid of includes appearance of dissolve of each other of Fu, solid state at the surface, will but preparation a few new material that have distinctive property. In material domain, turn new material of preparation special type with mechanical alloy; Granuality detects related development research and crusher technology and control a technology. The granuality of crusher detects and control a technology, it is one of fundamental requirements that implementation exceeds serial production of industrialization of fine pink body. Granuality test instrument and determine with control the technology is closely related to crusher technology, must tackle key problem jointly with the expert of these domains.