Frame of gnathic type crusher is jumpy case study

  • Encounter frame of gnathic type crusher to beat very severe case, above all, the reason that we should analyse equipment is to go out where be gift is nice, solve a problem again next, usually, frame of gnathic type crusher beats the reason can be the following kinds:
    1, gnathic type defeats foundation bolt to become loose, also also can rupture, right now we need a bolt that become loose to tighten solid to fall only, perhaps change the bolt that rupture but. Lead plane itself is flabby, airframe does not have shock-proof protection. This kind of circumstance is but the firm of consolidate good leader, and crusher of the type that it is jaw adds the material with shock-proof shock-proof perhaps rubber.
    2, if gnathic type crusher appeared breakdown, general situation can be the following reason: Bracket and ancon mat course change his costume or dress, not be original owner machine produces manufacturer is consistent equipment. Appear this kind of circumstance, we must change for whole equipment the spare parts that machine of compound original owner configures, or bracket and ancon mat. Overall and fixed bolt is not stable, need only right now overall bolt originallies closely but.