Floatation mechanic makes bleb of efficiency assess element form

  • Floatation mechanic makes bleb of efficiency assess element form

    Ore pulp aerates and bleb mineralization is the main factor that assess floatation mechanic makes efficiency, these target are better, floatation undertakes more perfectly. Of the ore pulp in floatation machine aerate degree depends on the bleb content in unit volume ore pulp, dispersive in ore pulp degree reachs bleb distributing even degree. The possibility of bleb mineralization, mineralization speed reachs mineralization level, outside be being concerned except the physico-chemical property with mine bead and drug, the condition that also collides with bead of the mine in floatation machine and bleb contact is relevant.

    The formation of floatation machine bleb cell to cell or the air that control floatation machine by exterior fan, form bleb through different method and way.
    1, the way that floatation machine aerates and method (1) rely on mechanical agitate to create the negative pressure division under atmosphere in mixture area, via conduit induction air.
    (2) classics conduit from exterior press compress air (like floatation column) , press air through containing generator of petty and poriferous bleb, bubble generates in ore pulp.
    (3) the vacuum pump function that uses mechanical agitate at the same time and conduit of calm sb's anger send air.
    2, the formation of bleb (1) the bleb of the floatation machine of mechanical agitate forms: Because mechanical agitate makes ore pulp produced intense eddy campaign, the velocity of flow that brings about ore pulp and direction differ and generation cuts action, make inspiratory or the air that presses is smashed by “ ” becomes bleb.
    (2) the bleb of machine of floatation of type of calm sb's anger forms: Rely on poriferous medium to will press air to break up bleb, its bubble diameter and radius of medium aperture abdomen or square root become scale. Bore diameter size wants appropriate, ability achieves good result. Poriferous medium is general wait by stone of plastic, pottery and porcelain, metal, bed or canvas tailor-made.