ShangHai SBM strikes back product of crusher of gnathic type of crusher company

  • The development mode of low carbon economy is a when our country future can develop continuously main strategy. If the pace of innovation of our science and technology cannot catch up with the footstep of the times, or innovation achievement because of high cost cannot popularize application in time, what do we take to beat the entrance door of low carbon economy?

    Chan Ping advocates low carbon the life, contend for the psychological bond that makes “ environmental protection amount to person ” , we will be very difficult economy of true implementation low carbon. We expect innovation of each battle on-line model worker is increasing, lead a worker to develop science and technology for low carbon economy progress, energy-saving decrease a platoon, make new contribution for the society.

    Since last year, low carbon economy gets the attention of social all circles fully. The essence of economy of low carbon of mineral separation equipment is the sources of energy efficient use, GDP of green of clean energy development, pursuit, its core is structure of energy technology and innovation of the technology that decrease a platoon, industry and system innovation and mankind live the essential change that develops an idea. This a series of innovation, who will take on?

    We see, comply with low carbon economy call, a batch of innovation model worker is giving in emerge in large numbers beside us. Only the enterprise regards his development theme as ” of “ low carbon, emerge in large numbers of ability of mineral separation equipment gives more model workers.

    Henan Zhengzhou SBM strikes back crusher company machine also can be in prospective development, more progress that note ” of low carbon of our country “ , the environmental protection industry that Zhengzhou SBM strikes back crusher company can be our country contributes his force.

    For instance, henan Zhengzhou SBM strikes back machinery of crusher company heavy-duty mine makes limited company be measured in order to raise high yield, close rate, develop low carbon economy to carry out ability to change for the target, emerge in large numbers gave a lot of model workers that have innovation mind.

    2009, the technical group that workshop of research and development of equipment of mineral separation of dual class crusher, gnathic type crusher heads with Li Shi teach realized crusher successfully to produce online automata, annual can increase income for the enterprise one million nine hundred and thirty-four thousand nine hundred yuan; Combine group of 2 workshops technology to undertake to crusher scientific ability changes, year manufacturing cost can be saved for the company below the circumstance that assures quality, create economic benefits 4.772 million yuan.

    These are the inspiration that low carbon brings to us, the company that allows us falls in the circumstance that does not damage economic benefits, the environmental protection course of study that is our country brings profit. Henan Zhengzhou SBM strikes back equipment of company mineral separation also meets crusher to try hard ceaselessly, new-style technology is thrown ceaselessly in the development in future.