SBM mine machine: Reversible strike back type crusher makes Chinese broken trade summit of new peak of advanced production technology

  • No matter be of iron approach broken bits,choose, return be concrete to irrigate build, the crusher equipment production that needs to have high quality gives eligible sand. At present the use case of crusher market comes the basis look, gnathic type crusher and the equipment that strike back type crusher is ideal.
    PF series strikes back type crusher is my company is absorbing domestic and international advanced technique, industry of combinative home arenaceous stone is particular factory condition and the newest generation of development strikes back type crusher. It uses newest production technology, unique structure is designed, treatment finished product shows cube, without tension and break, bead look is quite good, can broken all sorts of thick, medium, fine stock that do not exceed 500mm, compressive strength not to exceed 350MPa into makings granuality (granite, limestone, concrete) , apply extensively at all sorts of ore the industry such as broken, railroad, freeway, the sources of energy, cement, chemical industry, building. Its discharge makings granuality size to be able to adjust, broken norms diversification. (the article by SBM mine machine, if editor of electric trade department needs to reprint ask Http:// of give chapter and verse for)