The introduction about SFL43 disintegrator

  • SFL43 disintegrator is main by hello makings device, smash room, classification room, motivation and gearing, frame form. Stock by feed makings helix to send smash in the room, dial of have the aid of is entered what periphery forms by bit body and tooth form scaleboard to smash dispersedly from mental efforts in the area, the immediate impact of the cutting tool on the bit body that rotates in high speed cuts in order to to as a result of,be reached advocate below the effect of abrade, attrition that move and creates, stock is smashed quickly. Should break when asking to systematic fineness, the air current in the system makes granule share rises to classification room, classification rotor of indoor high speed rotates produce centrifugal field of force, stock grain sheds block master piece to use next classificationing undertaking compatibly in inertial and centrifugal force, thicker grain to classification indoor wall moves, after collision wall, edge cliff face is slippery give a makings canal, return in feeding hopper. And those who reach size is fine grain moves to the center and along with air current an eduction classifications room. Classification main characteristic has rotor SFL43 disintegrator: Tibet classifications inside system, granule can leave quickly smash room; Relative to disintegrator of high speed of Yu Wo type, stock gets power even, smash uniformity is good; Because use what component of cutting tool type, reason suited fiber stock to smash; Small to hardness brittleness stock (be like flour albumen) , can achieve super- small smash granuality requirement; Makings and granule are answered to go out quickly outside thick bead machine machine conduce to smash thermal diffusion, reason is comfortable stock of Yu Remin smashs.

    Because pink expects fluidity is poor,feed makings spiral, reason uses helix to enforce to expect, in the meantime, feed makings helix to also ration gives makings effect. In addition, smash room bottom leaves have a certain number of all the breach taking energy of life of cloth, in the system main air current from this the mouth is entered. Smash scaleboard of room tooth form is used run from opposite directions type, among them half installation is on valve, valvular setting is to go to the lavatory the machine is safeguarded and component part changes. Classification the principle is according to stock grain is below the integrated action of centrifugal force and wind resistance, thick, fine grained produces different motion and depart. In rotor model classification implement medium, stock and air current from smash room come out, via straight wind the canal is entered classification implement with conic housing in, because air current rate falls suddenly, produce first time to classification; Below the centrifugal force effect that after this rotates in rotor, thick bead is swung to housing wall and granule goes out along with air current belt, this classifications for the 2nd, also be the mainest classification; When surge of _ of wall of thick grain edge, of 2 air inlet of the setting undertake blowing washing to its into gas, among them granule picks up foist afresh case, now second return classification on rotor, classification in order to rise precision.