Footmark of engineer of after service of Sbm of new rural area spreads all over product line of stone of countrywide each district

  • Footmark of engineer of SBM after service spreads all over product line of stone of countrywide each district

    Current period is a times that spells a service, SBM knows very well this one truth, from beginning to end will " client interest is consummate " regard operation as the tenet. My company expands after service group ceaselessly, improve after service quality, groom service consciousness, engraft service concept, the accord that gets a client reputably.

    As the professional corporation that is engaged in mine equipment production, the project that we cooperate at present is already special and numerous, footmark spreads all over countrywide each district, build an enterprise to wait a moment from product line of building materials company, cement production company, stone, the near future the project that we cooperate is to be added gradually more much, the workload of after service engineer increases gradually, rush about ceaselessly the manufacturing site in each district, the is each district client of put oneself out of the way provides after service, below the work that introduces after service engineer simply one day, reach the equipment on stone product line to debug the job.

    After service engineer job of a day

    On August 14 morning at 7 o'clock, manager of Xu of after service ministry began the one work of the day early, the telephone call that comes from a client was received in the factory, come from Zhengzhou the fittings of one client appeared problem, my company offerred a return immediately, the spot will arrive to undertake the overhaul today, after undertaking simple communication with the client, depend on rich experience, the feeling may need to undertake changing to fittings, the decision takes fittings to arrive manufacturing site, after selecting suitable a replacement, hurry off to the manufacturing site of Zhengzhou, after the client problem that solved Zhengzhou, after service ministry hurries off to next client to produce the spot immediately, to treading the concrete aggregate product line that seals fleabane radical group to go up newly, undertake debugging the job, this is an epitome of after service routine only, common working content is very trival more, covered equipment to debug, each respects of maintenance.

    The maintenance of stone product line debugs the job

    Of stone product line debug safeguard working stone product line to debug defend the work, also need very professional technology, common stone product line needs to undertake equipment is debugged, ability has formal job, discover a problem in time, lest give follow-up production to cause very big trouble, common stone product line debugs the technical staff that needs to search major, the professional technology personnel of our company has rich debug experience, the content that equipment debugs basically includes to check equipment to whether move normally, whether does the position of installation suit, between each equipment cooperate appropriate, the project that the near future debugs has ascend concrete of group of cement of Feng Song radical product line of arenaceous stone aggregate, Guizhou the numerous project such as group of building materials of wall of some stone factory, crane.

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