Stone stone is efficient hydraulic pressure is conic crusher

  • Stone stone brief introduction

    The sort of stone stone is more, can divide according to color for green, white, yellow, pink 4 kinds of quartz, its have wear-resisting to fight pressure, free from contamination, do not oxidize, do not corrode, high temperature resistant, avirulent wait for good character without radiation, because this is applied extensively at domain of building, building materials, be a kind pure talent of natural high grade stone.

    Stone stone is broken the stone stone efficient hydraulic pressure that the most commonly used equipment is SBM group production is conic crusher, the structure of this equipment advanced, quality reliable, performance is outstanding, it is the breaking equipment with current the most welcome market, the working principle that this device introduces for everybody below reachs specific dominant position.

    Stone stone is efficient hydraulic pressure is conic crusher structure

    Stone stone is efficient hydraulic pressure is conic crusher basically is by transmission shaft, prejudicial set, unit of insurance of ball bearing, hydraulic pressure, adjust the annulus, leather belt annulus, component such as frame to comprise.

    Stone stone is efficient hydraulic pressure is conic crusher job principle

    When conic crusher is working, efficient hydraulic pressure carries stone stone of electromotor rotate drive belt annulus or shaft coupling, transmission shaft and conic ministry are done in arbor of the deflect below axes line periodic come back place motion, after broken antrum is being entered from makings mouth in stone stone stock because get,the mutual concussion extruding of eccentric shafe and wall of make friends joint of bones, abrade, knead produces broken effect thereby. System of hydraulic pressure insurance can cross iron fault in machine happening hydraulic pressure is passed when phenomenon of frowsty perhaps car will prop up cover and decide awl ministry top class eliminate to give breakdown thing, having very good insurance effect while greatly lowered maintenance rate.

    Stone stone is efficient hydraulic pressure is conic crusher performance dominant position

    Stone stone is efficient hydraulic pressure is conic crusher is me over the foundation of experience of crusher research and development that the company is in more than 30 years, a when combine production of domestic and international advanced technique and place of stone stone character new-style and efficient hydraulic pressure is conic crusher, having very distinctive function and structural advantage, specific as follows:

    1, structure distinctive, operation is simple

    This equipment is to be in main shaft is fixed, prejudicial on the foundation that rotates around main shaft, undertook optimizing designing to the structure further, the structure of your equipment is more compact change, the shell is more beautiful, achieve thereby cover an area of a face to accumulate small, machine to weigh light, use wait for a characteristic neatly; Additional, all component of this equipment are not demolishing the circumstance of bolt of frame, close solid to fall, tear open easily outfit, because this is achieved,reduced equipment operation and the goal that maintain difficulty.

    2, tall, service life grows broken efficiency

    This equipment is to use “ lamination to defeat broken ” principle to undertake to stone stone stock broken, reach broken pitch into makings mouth through be opposite model optimize a design, improved the broken efficiency of equipment effectively; Additional, this equipment is all and fragile reaching fittings all is to use Germany to import high grade material to cast, bear fruit absolutely reliable, wear well, and main part all sets wear-resisting protector, because this prolonged the service life of equipment whole greatly.

    3, give rate of makings bead good, automation tall

    A makings bead of this equipment first-rate, show content of form of cubic structure, granule entirely tall, had not had broken, without the needle piece shape, place is broken the level of stock of stone of finished product quartz that give price of tall, market tall, foreground is considerable; Next, the complete hydraulic pressure that this equipment uses operating system, the system passed its hydraulic pressure to be optimized in the round upgrade, can make adjust control is more convenient and accurate, and have automatic protection setting; Additional, what this equipment uses is system of automation intelligence control, can detect automatically breakdown former by, can control breakdown happening effectively at the same time, more safe, stable, reliable ground runs safeguard facility, the operation of your equipment more go to the lavatory save worry save labour, simply.

    4, rare oil-lubricated, one machine is multi-purpose

    What this equipment uses having a unique style is rare oil-lubricated systematic design, can simplify adequately lubricant working procedure, reduce lube waste, reduce lubricant cost effectively thereby; Additional, this equipment used much antrum design, can make stock each antrum between relaxed changeover, make thereby stone stone stock can be satisfied already in broken requirement, and in still can coming true finely exercise, reached the goal of production with one multi-purpose machine completely, can satisfy market need better.

    5, moving stability, cost is low

    This equipment is very stable in moving process reliable, very few occurrence breakdown happens, reducing upkeep costs while, also reduced equipment machine down time, reduced production thereby cost, raised economic benefits.

    6, energy-saving effect environmental protection of remarkable, green

    The broken stroke of this equipment and work out of its kinetic energy are united in wedlock completely, rising broken than while, reduced the energy consumption of equipment effectively, came true thereby energy-saving fall the goal of production of bad news; Additional, the broken antrum mouth of this equipment is sealed design, can reduce dust and noise pollution so, there basically are dust pollution, 0 noises in equipment moving process, more the body and mind that is helpful for operating personnel is healthy.

    Stone stone is efficient hydraulic pressure is conic crusher price

    Is stone stone efficient is hydraulic pressure conic how much is the price of crusher? The price of this equipment is actually main with its productivity, namely model and broken antrum size is concerned. Same type, different antrum equipment price is different, for instance HXHP200 the equipment of this one model, cent has C1, C2, C3, F1, F2, F3 6 kinds of antrum, its handle ability each are not identical, between 72-250t/h, of course its price also each are not identical; Additional; Same tune, the equipment price of different type also differs somewhat, for instance HXHP200, HXHP500 equipment, all be C1 antrum structure, but former processing capability is in 160-250t/h, latter processing capability slants big, in 365-790t/h, beyond question, latter price is sure prep above is former. Client of specific equipment model need goes according to oneself demand choose and buy, if you need detailed stone stone efficient hydraulic pressure is conic crusher quote, can click online seek advice, can get easily.

    Stone stone is efficient conic crusher manufacturer serves hydraulic pressure

    SBM group offers the most high grade, cheap stone stone for everybody not only efficient hydraulic pressure is conic crusher, and, still offer for the client the most top-ranking, most the manufacturer that human nature changes serves.

    1, before carry out: Above all, of structural client any seeking advice from, make correct and comprehensive solution patiently, OK still and free basis manufacturing demand of the client, operation, make the soundest plan that build a plant for the client; Next, for client choose plan of the soundest choose and buy reachs equipment model, provide the most perfect relevant technology data; Additional, can send a salesperson to guide a client to visit manufacturing site, provide free test-drive service.

    2, in carry out: Above all, sign the most perfect, standard contract that order with the client; Next, select technology personnel arrives at client spot to have free setup, debug the job, groom freely for the client relevant technical personnel.

    3, after carry out: Above all, besides 3 packets of policy that implement equipment strictly according to national level, still supply freely for the client fragile fittings; Additional, if equipment is used in later period in occurrence breakdown problem, the company can be in the solution gives out in a hour that gets client feedback, if be major hitch, can send oneself technology personnel to be driven toward client spot inside 36 hours, undertake be handlinged effectively quickly to equipment, with utmost reduce the equipment machine down time, pecuniary loss that redeems a client.

    Anyhow, the service quality of SBM group is absolutely and top-ranking, customer service personnel 24 hours of round-the-clock online services, holiday as usual works, your client does not have trouble back at home completely!

    Crusher antrum Diameter of broken awl main aspects (Mm) Give makings mouth width (Mm) The biggest give makings measure (Mm) Platoon makings mouth adjusts range (Mm) Handle ability (T/h) Advocate electromotor power (Kw) Lead plane weight (T)
    HXHP200 C1 900 210 178 22~38 160~250 160 10.1
    C2 155 132 18~38 145~250
    C3 130 110 14~38 120~250
    F1 118 100 12~25 108~210
    F2 90 76 10~25 81~210
    F3 70 60 8~25 72~210
    HXHP300 C1 1100 235 200 26~45 230~445 220 17.8
    C2 211 180 20~45 200~445
    C3 135 115 16~45 180~445
    F1 124 105 14~25 160~220
    F2 96 82 12~25 140~220
    F3 70 60 8~25 120~220
    HXHP400 C1 1400 330 280 26~51 270~630 315 25
    C2 200 170 22~51 243~630
    C3 152 130 16~51 210~630
    F1 135 115 12~25 162~370
    F2 106 90 10~25 126~370
    F3 80 68 8~25 104~370
    HXHP500 C1 1500 335 285 32~51 365~790 400 34.1
    C2 229 190 25~51 328~790
    C3 180 152 19~51 280~790
    F1 152 130 13~25 202~450
    F2 124 105 10~25 158~450
    F3 88 75 8~25 122~450
    HXHP800 C1 2000 385 326 32~51 616~1100 630 69.2
    C2 350 298 25~51 522~1100
    C3 280 238 16~51 380~1100
    F1 160 136 13~25 328~730
    F2 120 102 10~25 270~730
    F3 90 77 8~25 166~730

    The stone stone that SBM machine plant produces is efficient conic crusher structure, function and service achieved hydraulic pressure internationalization is highest standard, be worth to trust very much, popular already now global 50 many countries, the accord that gets a client reputably, the welcome seeks advice from a choose and buy before everybody! Hot line of choose and buy: 0371-67772626, if have need, you also but my company looks around on the spot make an on-the-spot investigation, address: No.416 Jianye Road, south Jinqiao Area, pudong New Area, shanghai, china. .