Crusher of SBM gnathic type does not have cost with heat really energy-saving and dry

  • Crusher of SBM gnathic type does not have cost with heat really energy-saving and dry

    Gnathic type crusher is more current crusher equipment, gnathic type crusher uses individual break up device, but after the stone break up felt broken, increased the interface of stone and sirocco to accumulate, make hot utilization rate gets huge rises, the stone after gnathic type crusher is broken but one-time reduce moisture content, the stone after this breaking equipment is broken can be used as fuel directly. Make stone becomes useless to be treasure. Additionally the branch of research and development of my company passes old indefatigable effort, but boiler tail gas the heat addition heat source as gnathic type crusher, roll out successfully use crusher of boiler waste gas. It is heat addition does not have investment, do not have cost with heat. Really energy-saving and broken, the crusher equipment of truly energy-saving environmental protection.
    The working principle of equipment of gnathic type crusher:
    The heat source of equipment of gnathic type crusher comes from burner, this gnathic type crusher (breaking equipment) use direct current type to heat means. Because this needs broken stock, from into material or blank bin, into makings is smooth enter cylindrical shell, be copied by helix namely board push backward. Because crusher equipment tilts,place, stock is in on one hand gravity and circumgyrate action indelicacy are carried backward, on the other hand stock is copied board take repeatedly, the belt is consummate carry or else to break ground raise to scatter, make stock forms even screen sign inside the canister, fill the steam inpour inside dispenses canister to heat up exchange all right, because stock relapses,raise is scattered, contains moisture content gradually by broken, achieve the goal with broken breaking equipment thereby.
    Characteristic of gnathic type crusher:
    1, crusher fights overload ability strong, treating capacity is large, specific fuel consumption is little, broken cost is low;   
    2, use direct current broken means, flue gas and wet stock enter crusher by same side, can use high temperature flue gas to obtain very tall evaporate intensity, crusher outlet temperature is low, thermal efficiency is tall;   
    3, can run parameter according to distinct stock character change, the act of entire section makings that makes stock can form stability inside crusher cylindrical shell, qualitative hot exchange is more sufficient;   
    4, new-style give makings, refuse ejector, put an end to platen crusher to give makings jam, discontinuous, inhomogenous and return the phenomenon such as makings, reduced remove dust systematic bear;   
    5, new-style and internal composition, aggrandizement to dispersive already content