SBM goes out to be tasted newly, crusher of type of black lead hammer

  • SBM goes out to be tasted newly, crusher of type of black lead hammer

    Get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh just cannot be washed out by the society, SBM goes out to taste crusher of type of black lead hammer newly again. Give new product to want to introduce our product to our user of course, the relevant knowledge of the crusher of type of hammer of concerned black lead that understands over there my technical personnel from us is below, we learn together!

    Brief introduction of crusher of type of black lead hammer: Black lead is carbon qualitative element is crystal and mineral, distributing extensively in the degenerative bed in black lead, by contain a lot oforganic qualitative or area of classics of carbonaceous deposit cliff is degenerative action and into. The black lead below normal temperature has good chemical stability, ability acid, alkali resistance, be able to bear or endure of organic dissolvent corrode, wait for industrial department to win wide application in metallurgy, mechanical, electric, chemical industry, spin, national defence consequently. Black lead is broken the premise that is craft of black lead mineral separation, hammer type crusher serves as one of breaking equipment that apply to black lead, in be being applied extensively at black lead to machine craft. My company passes old research, undertook optimizing improvement to crusher of traditional hammer type, production went out special at the special device with broken black lead -- crusher of type of black lead hammer.

    Structure of crusher of type of black lead hammer: Crusher of type of black lead hammer is main by frame, give makings roller, rotor, insurance the door, comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb, the composition such as hydraulic pressure station, housing cent is next airframe, hind upper cover, left wall and right sidewall, through bolt join is an organic whole. Rotor by main shaft, hammer dish, the composition such as bearing pin, peen.

    Principle of job of crusher of type of black lead hammer: When the job, electric machinery drives main shaft high speed to rotate through V-belt, below the action of centrifugal force, peen becomes radiation state. Black lead gives to makings mouth from upside inside machine later, the blow of the hammer that is moved by high speed, concussion, cut, the mutual collision between abrade action and black lead stock completes broken work. In rotor bottom, set breaker plate, classics is broken be less than eduction of grain of aperture size black lead, the block of black lead grain that is more than screen mesh space stays on breaker plate to continue to accept the blow of peen, till be less than aperture size eduction.

    Dominant position of performance of crusher of type of black lead hammer

    1, peen uses tall manganese steel and high chromic cast-iron talent to pledge, product wearability is strong.

    2, analyse of instead of construction of type of upside frame whole divides type construction, the overhaul of facilitating rotor.

    3, increased to sift a worn length, can make eligible product seasonable eduction, had decreased to smash, reduce installation negative charge.

    4, casing construction is tight, assured the dust pollution problem of broken production environment.

    5, model is all ready, productivity is 5-150m3/h, can satisfy all sorts of requirement of the client.

    No matter be gnathic type crusher, striking back type crusher is returned is hammer type crusher, must be brave in to innovate, be brave in to improve. The crusher of type of black lead hammer of our SBM newest production is my factory most potential technology personnel goes producing the first kind of product that come out after foreign attend in a advanced studies, the real case that joins industry of our country crusher not only is shirt-sleeve still foreign advanced technique, the welcome comes to a choose and buy before broad user.