SBM machine explains pearlite to control arenaceous production technological process

  • SBM machine explains pearlite to control arenaceous production technological process

    Pearlite is the acidity lava that a kind of volcano erupts, via the glassy rock that cool quickly and becomes, have pearl cranny structure because of its and get a name. Pearlite is made arenaceous be in each arenaceous stone factory also is very common and welcome. SBM expert is told today tell pearlite to make arenaceous production technology.

    The application of pearlite is very wide, grinding of former arenaceous classics and exceed grinding, can use at rubber-plastic inserts is made in glass of goods, painty, paint, printing ink, synthesis, adiabatic bakelite and component of a few machinery and equipment. Pearlite pledges gently via expand and becoming a kind, muti_function new-style material, have apparent density light, coefficient of thermal conductivity is low, chemical stability limits of good, use temperature capacity of wide, moisture absorption is small, and avirulent, insipidity, fire prevention, sound-absorbing wait for a characteristic, apply extensively at a variety of industry departments.

    Because the treatment purpose of pearlite ore is will selected raw ore,treatment becomes the index such as granuality, moisture to all obtain the product of the requirement, namely pearlite mine is arenaceous, decided pearlite machines craft to be normally consequently broken -- classification -- dry.

    Pearlite controls arenaceous production technological process is such: It is raw ore stone above all send equably into by feeder thick broken gnathic type crusher makes be defeated first, give makings granuality to be 4 centimeter the following, next, will thick broken stock sends into making arenaceous machine to undertake 2 times again broken, give makings granuality to reach finished product size (18 eye, 90 eye) the stock of the requirement is sent finished product to give makings storehouse; The stock that did not obtain requirement of finished product granuality returns pearlite crusher to undertake be machininged afresh again from vibrating separator, form closed circuit for many times to circulate, till give makings size,achieve requirement of finished product granuality. Finished product granuality can undertake classificationing by user demand.

    Expand a kind pearlite also is the pearlite that we often see, it is acidity volcano erupts cliff child. Already was in Shanxi, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangxi, Hubei, Heibei to wait for discovery of more than 10 provinces, municipality to expand at present pearlite bed, the reserve that originates in Shanxi among them is the largest.

    Expand the manufacturing process of pearlite can be divided heat broken, screening, warm-up, quickly for crusher (1260 degrees) , the working procedure such as refrigeration, among them the mainest is broken, warm-up and roast 3 working procedure. Production expands when pearlite, roast craft asks ore granuality is even. Granuality is in commonly 0.15, 0.5mm is advisable, grain is too too big, little will affect roast result. The choice of the granuality when roast presses the demand of roast craft and user to the product, production is light qualitative, adiabatic expand when pearlite, granuality is in 0.15, 0.6mm is advisable, expand the effect is best.

    SBM machine major is engaged in mine machinery making a few years, have rich production experience, can offer complete set pearlite to make arenaceous product line, return production to equipment of breaking equipment, crocus, building materials equipment waits, grinder of if jaw is type crusher, conic mobile and type crusher, broken station, Ramon, rotary kiln, dryer, the friends that welcome to devote oneself to mine industry call advisory choose and buy.