Floatation promotes golden technology - the development that golden mine floatation chooses golden technology

  • Floatation promotes golden technology - the development that golden mine floatation chooses golden technology

    Floatation carries golden craft to arrive from 50 time 70 time, production of our country gold divides arenaceous gold beyond, basically be to use the method of floatation to yield concentrate, send smeltery production to give finished product gold next. This kind of method is remained for the vulcanization mine that waits for a metal to containing gold, copper, lead, zinc most economy and the most reasonable flow, it can realize much metal to be used integratedly. After 80 time, floatation carries golden craft to already had very great progress, already entered a new standard.

    Floatation new facility and new drug in last few years, wait for the occurrence of new drug of floatation new facility and floatation as a result of floatation machine, raised floatation ceaselessly reclaim index (grade and reclaim rate) . If the developed country used floatation post, make on floatation craft a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Our country undertook improvement to machine of vintage A floatation, of development have SF model, BS-K4, JJF, QF, CHF-Y wait for efficient floatation machine, make concentrate grade is mixed reclaim lead what have different rate to rise. The crusher that new-style floatation machine cooperates SBM mine machine to produce and energy-saving ball mill use, make answer effects rate to be offerred greatly. After like Henan some gold mine uses BS-K4 floatation machine, concentrate grade by original 17.44 grams / ton raise 24 grams / ton, gangue grade by 0.55 grams / ton reduce 0.3 grams / ton.

    After using new-style floatation drug and combination to use drug, because improved floatation greatly condition and strengthened catch control capacity, raised floatation to reclaimed to lead and reduce medical cost thereby. Like Jiangxi some copper mine used advanced Huang Yao to catch Y-89 receiving a dose, improved copper, silver-colored, sulfur effectively anthology fasten index, accompany unripe gold to reclaim especially rate rose 2.5% . And add up to reduced drug dosage 46g/t. Some copper mine uses Hubei to mix mine of use floatation vulcanization of P-60 with different butyl yellow medicine. Make gold reclaims rate rose 5.77%

    Onefold floatation craft is incommensurate already the ore nature with complex hasten, mineral separation carries the development of metalworking art technology to already formed the tendency that develops to associated technological process. Be like reelect- - floatation flow, floatation- - cyaniding flow (concentrate or gangue cyaniding) , cyaniding- - floatation and reelect (floatation)- - charcoal dip craft all applies generally in mine of domestic and international gold. Be like reelect- - floatation flow can overcome the weakness with lose an election to close to hiring a gold to catch more difficult.

    Mine of Heibei some gold is belonged to contain Jinduojin to belong to bed, handle ability 300 tons / day, adoption technological process is floatation- - concentrate cyaniding- - flow of depart of dip broken bits, achieved the goal that much metal reclaims integratedly. In view of the constant change of ore property and hasten complexity, use technological process of associated mineral separation really can utmost land increases reclaim index, this to mine of our country gold especially already the old mine with old put into production undertakes digging going transforming reclaiming integratedly, increasing benefit is very advantageous.

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