Xin Fu high speed does a law to remove pink and its technology control

  • Xin Fu high speed does a law to remove pink and its technology control

    The mechanism can produce 10 % in arenaceous manufacturing process the stone pink of one 20 % (be less than be equal to 0. The grain) of 075mm, shi Fenhan measures exorbitant meeting to affect the performance of mechanism arenaceous concrete, because this wants arenaceous to the mechanism undertake dividing pink. Xin Fu freeway is located in the ministry of Chinese and Western of our country, belong to half arid area, arid, little rain, natural resources of water of along the line is lacked badly. In the manufacturing process with arenaceous mechanism, use NHX to do legal arenaceous grader to undertake the law removes dust working, in trial production process, carry power of pair of the engine that choose pink try tone, when discovering the power when grader is more than 80kW, the Shi Fenhan with arenaceous mechanism measures effectively control to be in 5 % , can make sure the mechanism is arenaceous at the same time good grain grading.

    Because make arenaceous machine belong to the equipment that high speed rotates, the generation in controlling arenaceous process in the light of dry separation crosses surroundings of much Yang Chen, influence. This one phenomenon took the following step in the manufacturing process with arenaceous mechanism:

    A) is after dry separation the mechanism is arenaceous the erect on the conveyer belt of a makings drenchs water shower nozzle, reduce a mechanism arenaceous the Yang Chen with the too large generation in the process that falling.

    B) adds fortify dirt to overspread in the periphery that makes arenaceous machine and vibrating separator, reduce a mechanism arenaceous of the Yang Chen in producing a course fly upwards.

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