Gnathic plank of gnathic type crusher uses the effect character

  • Gnathic plank of gnathic type crusher uses the effect character

    Of gnathic type crusher move jaw board upside and eccentric shafe to be linked together, bottom by thrust board prop up, and decide jaw board to be secured go up in frame. When eccentric shafe is rotational, move jaw board to basically bear the extruding action of stock, and decide jaw board to basically bear the slip cutting action of stock. Pass invalidation to analyse, think of jaw board wear away the mechanism is: Stock is right the iteration of jaw board squashs form exhaustion to wear away, stock is right the short distance of jaw board is slip form cutting to wear away. To raise gnathic type crusher jaw board service life, basically consider the hardness of material and tenacity. Material hardness is tall, the deepness that stock presses jaw board is small, the surface is out of shape small, the cutting amount with abrasive slippery unripe at the same time movables is small also; Material should have certain tenacity, brittleness happens to rupture in avoiding extruding process, assure to be used of jaw board normally.
    Tall manganese steel is gnathic type crusher the traditional material of jaw board is qualitative, have fight concussion load ability very well, but because crusher compose is endless reasonable, move, surely the Zhang Jiao between jaw board is too big, cause cutting of abrasive short distance easily, jaw board wears away faster. To improve the service life of jaw board, developed a variety of gnathic plank to pledge, if add the element such as Cr, Mo, W, Ti, V, Nb,undertake to tall manganese steel modified processing reachs pair of tall manganese steel to undertake dispersion aggrandizement is handled, raise its initiative hardness and succumb intensity. The manganese steel in still was being developed, low-alloy steel, Gao Ge is cast-iron as compound as tall manganese steel, iron of abstruse shellfish ball, all aborning obtained better use result.
    Mechanism of manganese steel sclerosis is in: After manganese quantity is reduced, austenite stability drops, when be pounded or wearing away, austenite is easy produce deformation to cause martensite photograph to change, and make its wearability rises. In of manganese steel normally component (% ) : 0.7-1.2C, 6-9Mn, 0.5-0.8Si, 1-2Cr and other microelement V, Ti, Nb, rare earth. After be being handled via Shui Ren, can obtain onefold austenite + a few not the organization of dissolve carbide. In manganese steel is gnathic board real service life can raise 20% above than tall manganese steel, and cost and tall manganese steel comparative.
    Gao Ge is cast-iron although have very tall wearability, but because its tenacity is poorer, use Gao Ge so cast-iron the use result that do jaw board and does not obtain good certainly. In recent years, use Gao Ge cast-iron set casting or receive at tall manganese steel on jaw board, composition is compound jaw board, opposite wearability is as high as 3 times above, make the service life of jaw board rises significantly, this also is to raise jaw board the efficient way of service life, but its workmanship is more complex, production difficulty is accordingly greater.
    Cast steel of carbolic low alloy also is the data of a kind of wear-resisting with more extensive application in. Because have taller hardness (≥45HRC) close suitably with proper tenacity (≥15J/cm2) , the cutting of OK and counteractive stock and squash repeatedly the exhaustion that cause flakes, show good wearability consequently. At the same time in the adjustment that cast steel of carbolic low alloy still can adopt component and heat treatment technology, make hardness and tenacity fluctuant inside bigger range, in order to get used to the requirement of condition of different the Ministry of Works in feudal China. Manufacturing running test makes clear, component (% ) those who be 0.4-0.8C, 0.7-1.3Si, 0.7-1.1Mn, 1.5-2.5Cr, 0.4-0.6Ni, 0.3-0.7Mo is medium carbon low-alloy steel is gnathic board service life compares tall manganese steel can raise 3 times above.
    Outside pledging except 4 kinds of afore-mentioned commonly used gnathic plank, return iron of ball of the manganese in having, nodular cast iron to wait to also be used at jaw board make.