Conic crusher helps hydraulic pressure of much crock of HP of machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine construction of highway of force our country

  • Conic crusher helps hydraulic pressure of much crock of HP of machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine construction of highway of force our country

    Common saying says well, "Want Fu Xianxiu road " , if want to raise national economy level, traffic is the most fundamental condition. In last few years, a high speed railroad and a freeway are perforative between the city, shortened the time that reachs B city from A city, a travel that allows people is more convenient and quick. The freeway builds the grade of arenaceous stone aggregate, dimensions to have strict rigid index, accordingly, in highway construction, the crusher to stone of manufacturing artificial sand, made the equipment such as arenaceous machine raise taller requirement.

    The hydraulic pressure of HP much crock that by limited company of machinery of Zhengzhou SBM mine newest research and development creates is conic crusher is the arenaceous stone crusher with expressway the most outstanding construction. We know, demand of quality of concrete of face of expressway construction satisfy the need is very high, and the crucial factor that crusher decides concrete quality just about, good crusher not only productivity is big, and the look of bead of arenaceous stone aggregate that production gives is good, and conic crusher passes hydraulic pressure of much crock of HP of SBM mine machine to carry out and be improved for years, use distinctive lamination to defeat broken craft, not only productivity got very big rise, and granuality of finished product makings is finer, stone pink content is higher, bead form is more exceedingly good, these performance dominant positions can satisfy the manufacturing requirement of arenaceous stone of freeway high level completely.

    Hydraulic pressure of HP much crock is conic crusher application range is more wide, not only OK and broken the rock of any hardness, and to the iron ore in metallic mine broken also have top-ranking broken property, because hydraulic pressure of this HP much crock is conic,crusher is in our country by right of oneself advantage there is very good dominant position in each industries.

    Increase as what our country infrastructure builds strength, rise ceaselessly to demand of arenaceous stone aggregate. And to protect an environment, national regulation prohibits extracting the river is sanded, each are so big quarry must change a mechanism to arenaceous market. The origin with arenaceous mechanism is very much also, pebble of granite, basalt, diabase, cobble, river is waited a moment, these course crusher and after making arenaceous machine machine, can use at the construction such as highway, railroad, irrigation works, bridge to use arenaceous stone.

    Use in quarry client in, a lot of meetings encounter stock to jam of crusher, cause must stop machine, reduced yield. It is very normal also to encounter this kind of situation actually, the crusher that because block up,expects is very common, some can block makings 3-4 up even hour. Encounter the situation of a makings, be about to think method is solved, SBM mine machine tells everybody to block the settlement of makings up below method.

    Pass into makings speed fast, bear increases, it is to cause one of causes that jam. When using crusher, so everybody must notice, in taking makings course, want to notice point of view of ammeter finger deflexion is old at any time, if exceed rated electric current, show electric machinery is overweighted, long overload, can burned-out electric machinery. Appear to this kind of circumstance should be reduced instantly or close makings door, also can change into the means of makings, take makings amount through increasing feeding machine to control.

    As home famous mine machinery produces manufacturer -- machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine, have manufacturing experience of 10 years several, granite crusher of production has gnathic type crusher, strike back type crusher, conic crusher, vertical pounds rubbish of crusher, building special crusher, popular domestic and international, sell as far as to Oman, Philippine, Indonesian etc tens of country and area, get of the client reputably.