The ground of the characteristic of conic type crusher and use force

  • The ground of the characteristic of conic type crusher and use force

    Mine crusher model is varied, different working principle, and different structure was destined the ground of the use force that mine crusher avery kind of has it. Stone product line, cement, make arenaceous manufacturer, the breaking equipment model that often sees has strike back type crusher, gnathic type crusher, hammer type crusher. But conic crusher depends on oneself characteristic, in numerous crusher, also held a few character.
    Conic crusher can be divided by scope of application for thick broken, medium break and finely 3 kinds, hire among them broken call cycle crusher again, break in and finely crusher calls mattress form conic crusher again
    The working principle of conic crusher
    The conic head of conic crusher by fixed and conic with movable and conic composition, movable and conic main shaft bearing is in the hitch point above crossbeam. Inclined insert inside prejudicial axle sleeve, when the included angle of line and machine center space is the center of main shaft to rotate when main shaft, its central line is nodded surely with hanging contact to be one, taper seat moves. When movable and conic stand by fixed and conic when, be in the solid stock between two cone by broken, when movable silver leaves fixed awl, as a result of the gravity of oneself classics discharges the solid stock with broken oneself makings mouth eduction. To in finely conic crusher, basically like conic crusher.
    The main good point of SBM conic crusher is:
    1, hydraulic pressure system, this machines and tools has the volume that will adjust crusher to discharge mine day with hydraulic pressure system, hydraulic pressure system can make sure the safety of equipment runs effectively. When there is a foreign body in broken antrum, hydraulic pressure system can make move next cone is automatic retreating, after eyewinker eduction, this system makes the mantle system that next retreating automatic restoration. The position of the opening that discharge mine that keeps original afresh continues to work.
    2, broken antrum, broken antrum it is to show mantle asks formation geometry the space with what secure awl. The figure of broken antrum is very great to overall function effect. Crusher antrum it is broken main technique index. This machine from thick break finely the antrum that designed 4 kinds of norms, it has 6 kinds of possible combination, this means it can best applies to an user special requirement.
    3, sealed and reliable: Use labyrinth seal unit, replaced the water formula that uses before sealed, make dirt impurity cannot take man-machine put oneself in another's position inside, assured the cleanness of embellish edible vegetable oil thereby, prolonged the service life of ball bearing of sliding bearing, thrust, make machine movement reliable.
    4, change convenient: Before crusher changes broken wall is very slow, new structure of conic type crusher changes broken wall is very fast. Because go up,broken wall jacket has calorie of tip, with bolt the top rises to secure broken wall. Issueing broken wall to secure is to use hydraulic pressure nut to tighten solid. On, next broken wall the reverse side do not need to add any stuff stuff, change so fast respect, reduced worker labor intensity.
    5, adjust mouth: This machine was chosen be able to bear or endure displacement sensor of high pressure, adjusting the mouth that discharge mine undertake in operation room when the position. Want one key-press only, have on work station show, discharge mine mouth size with respect to what can see place needs to adjust, very convenient and accurate. When this mechanic is made, electric machinery closes through fluid couple implement, drive of roundlet bevel gear is prejudicial the big round bevel gear that covers floor, deflect heart is covered rotate, cause cone to make come back swing and broken stock. The main shaft of crusher is immobile, just raise whisk spherical tile, bear broken force. Be not moved as a result of crusher main shaft and prejudicial set transfer broken power, reason this structure can bear greater broken power, right finely and super- fine broken and special suit, because exceed fine broken broken force is very big. Predict its product size (finely to exceeding model scaleboard) the one 5m when open circuit 2 can amount to 50^80% (inspect stock property and somewhat difference) .