SBM teachs you to choose product line of professional clastic rock

  • SBM teachs you to choose product line of professional clastic rock

    Product line of arenaceous stone aggregate is promoting economic structural adjustment, change economy grows the respect such as means to producing mainer and mainer effect. The aggregate that the equipment of product line of arenaceous stone aggregate that Henan SBM mine produces can use at a variety of stock such as pebble of limestone, granitic, basalt, river, bluestone and build arenaceous operation artificially, apply to the application of the industry such as construction of water and electricity, building materials, freeway, city. Product line of Henan SBM stone can ask according to different technology, undertake to the equipment of all sorts of model science is combined, satisfy different technology requirement of the client.

    The stone field with the bead in a lot of pairs of stone not high demand, the user is willing to use crusher of gnathic type crusher, fine gnathic style / the means with conic tie-in crusher will establish product line. Because jaw is broken,belong to lamination principle with conic crusher, wear-resisting wear away smaller, manufacturing cost is lower also. But, also as a result of lamination principle, can bring about broken stone bead model not quite good, needle piece the content of shape stone is higher, of stone inside flaw is more serious, place of advanced course structure is not willing to accept, because of this market price relatively strike back stone is cheap.

    Strike back the characteristic with type the biggest crusher can produce bead high grade stone namely, have broken with whole model bead of double function; good stone can increase better performance getting power to the building, there is higher price in the market, of course, those who turn over checkmate is fragile wear away what cost also compares coequal yield is fine model jaw is broken, conic broken tall. Needle piece the smooth stone with shape stone and primitive nature is building the stone of cubic metre of very inaccessible much arris can form mechanical property in using. Accordingly, the stone that turns over checkmate to basically be used at the building is broken, for highway, railroad, airport, dock, high level the building offers high grade bead model stone.

    If the market is right the bead of finished product stone demand with have particular, the user wants to reduce again fragile ton of cost, can consider thick jaw to defeat + fine jaw is broken / conic broken defeat as the head with 2 broken, strike back type crusher is put in the 3rd point out to break locally, basically rise to rectify model purpose. Reduced those who turn over checkmate to wear away not only so cost, also can get bead good stone.

    Limited company of equipment of Henan SBM mine is produced and supply the clastic rock sizing device of all sorts of types, include hammer type crusher, gnathic type crusher, vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy to pound type crusher, strike back the equipment such as type crusher. Engineer of company professional technology develops meticulously when produce 1500 tons of product line, have a structure advanced, craft handy, job reliable, quality is superior, use convenient wait for a characteristic, whole set of equipment of all sorts of clastic rock screening that can supply field of contented and different stone to produce place to need, act on " deal with concrete matters relating to work of • of innovation of science and technology is begged true " management tenet, provide stone field for the client installation of design, equipment, debug wait for service of one continuous line!

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