Feeder brief introduction

  • Feeder is the feeding machine that says on common sense, feeder basically is divided to open wide model and close model two kinds, common feeder has electromagnetism vibration feeder, club oscillatory feeder, helix feeder. Among them, oscillatory feeder is a kind of commonly used equipment in mine industry, oscillatory feeder structure is oscillatory and simple, smooth, hello expect even, successive performance is good, still can be changed at any time and control flow, the operation is convenient, noise of this kind of equipment is low at the same time, bad news report is little, enclosed airframe still can prevent the pollution of dust. Current the commonnest oscillatory feeder has GZD oscillatory feeder and ZSW oscillatory feeder.

    Normally the circumstance falls, in oscillatory feeder and breaking equipment and the product line that sizing device uses in the industry such as mine, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials jointly, serve as the first link of product line to makings link, those who matter to whole product line is normal move, because this user should choose appropriate feeder. Limited company of SBM heavy machinery is crusher of a production, feeder, vibrating separator. Grind machine and of all sorts of whole set of equipment large civilian battalion enterprise, the company welcomes broad user to come round to visit guidance, expect the collaboration with you.