Make arenaceous product line take control of makings bead diameter

  • Make arenaceous product line take control of makings bead diameter

    Manufacturing experiment makes clear, when rod mill when exceeding 25mm into makings bead diameter, yield is higher, but fineness modulus slants big, and of rod mill when be less than 25mm into makings bead diameter, rod mill makes arenaceous result optimal. If consider to enter the modulus of makings bead diameter, rod mill should be controlled into makings bead diameter inside limits of 5 ~ 20mm.
    Stone pink content is made as a result of rod mill arenaceous use wet production, produce pink of stone of the part in the process to be taken away by water, the arenaceous quantity that contain pink can control final finished product only commonly in 6 % inside 12 % limits, project of this pair of main body is appropriate undoubtedly the project for normal concrete. But use to main body project grind the project that controls concrete, contain pink to measure standard of apparent short of to ask. To the adjustment that Shi Fenhan measures, can expect through reducing rod mill to enter quantity, increase the method such as steel bar quantity to reduce fineness modulus, increase fine grained, through reclaiming if equipment is hydraulic come back stream implement reclaim spun yarn and stone pink, in order to add the stone pink content of artificial sand.
    Finished product arenaceous dehydrate
    The dehydration problem of artificial sand, use natural dehydrate means more at present. After helix of artificial sand classics washs arenaceous machine dehydrate, water content is controlled in 17 % commonly. In makings storehouse store up after 5 ~ 7d, water content falls to control ability stability to 5 % . To solve problem of finished product arenaceous dehydrate, can consider to press production, dehydrate, use 3 warehouses rotate means has production, meanwhile, finished product arenaceous storehouse sets canopy, in the storehouse the bottom establishs catchment blind channel in order to accelerate dehydration. Additional, because stone pink is contained in artificial sand, the arenaceous packing after dehydration and stick get together. I gives birth to homogeneous phase to should increase, often have wriggle through the earth inside makings storehouse. Using gallery to take the case of makings, often need because of discharge difficulty to adopt broken arch measure.
    Equipment type selecting
    The rod mill model that can offer an alternative is not much, be in large and medium-sized in the system of artificial sand stone of project of water and electricity, often choose the model rod mill such as MBZ2130, MBZ2136 to make arenaceous, helix grader can choose series of FG of tall lasher type or series of sunken type FC, or choose fight round of type to wash arenaceous machine arenaceous.