Facilities of treatment of iron ore production passes professional PLC to control a system to have professional operation in all sorts of ore sort

  • Iron ore has a lot of sort, production of SBM company iron mine machined equipment to receive the very high opinion of iron ore enterprise, implementation chooses the mineral separation work with more expensive iron to high end, the sort that enlarged iron ore thereby produces suitable scope.
    Equipment characteristic:
    1, the suitable scope that enlarges machinery
    Through professional unique combination type construction can have professional and reliable treatment kind, can apply to the iron ore of all sorts of different types, be like major: All sorts of iron ore such as magnetite, hematite, limonite, ilmenite, pyrite, siderite.
    2, entire facility uses PLC the operation is simple
    All equipment control ark to undertake controlling switch machine through PLC, through control ark can undertake simply operating whole facility.
    3, work through carrying medium unifinication major
    Equipment of aircraft of all feeder, crusher, ball mill, magnetic separation uses conveyer to wait for the reasonable connection that has major, can combine many facility.
    4, single facility can have a product to undertake completely with mineral separation enterprise compatible
    If will show some equipment to undertake upgrading, can the equipment such as machine of crusher of any a gnathic type of will professional form a complete set, conic ball mill, magnetic separation undertakes replacing, can finer compatible any installation.
    Iron ore production machines equipment to use reasonable equipment to have form a complete set, as the rapid development of whole and mechanical industry, all sorts of manufacturing facilities technology already very mature, and carry professional equipment undertaking quickly every year improvement, the professional and crucial equipment that produces to professional automation from original energy-saving equipment is already rapid use in all sorts of ore sort.