PF strikes back the structure of 1315 is in crusher distinctly

  • PF strikes back the structure of 1315 is in crusher distinctly

    PF crusher is to strike back the abbreviation of type crusher, p represents crusher, f expresses to strike back type, PF strikes back crusher is producing granuality not to exceed 500 millimeter, compressive strength is behaved when the stock under 350 million handkerchief exceedingly good, adaptable the field is extensive, the granuality that the platoon expects but free accuse, to get used to diverse manufacturing demand, PF strikes back crusher still has the broken norms type of diversification, machinery plant of hill of fleabane of the following Zhengzhou is everybody introduction of the PF1315 norms model in crusher of a PF strike back crusher equipment.

    PF1315 strikes back the norms of crusher is 1320*1500 millimeter, size of feed inlet is 860*1520 millimeter, the biggest grow into makings edge for 350 millimeter, 120-250 of horary producible processing ton stock, electric machinery power is 180-260 kilowatt, equipment gross weight 26 tons. The construction of this crusher is scientific, be in to prevent makings piece broken when fly off, in contain into makings direction into makings mouth catenary act, the makings that feeds piece fall in comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb of the sieve above, petty makings piece seam the bottom that falls to housing through comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb, the stock of chunk slips to go up to rotor along compass screen surface, in rotor circumferential on fixed installation is worn the bar that has certain height, rotor drives high speed to turn by electromotor classics V leather belt, fall in the makings above rotor piece the concussion of the bar that is rotated by high speed, after achieving kinetic energy with high speed to strike back board bump, then from strike back board on rebound come back, the stock photograph that is cast to go out by rotor together again in broken area collides, till the particle size after cracking that achieves qualification finally.

    What fleabane hill machinery analyses PF to oppose checkmate broken machine is broken and main passed broken antrum two what destroy broken section and finish is broken, it is to be pounded an area by mutual percussive, later the area of the 2nd concussion of reentrance, carry two district circulate respectively broken, fulfilled requirement of particle size after cracking finally, from the in giving makings opening eduction of equipment lower part.