Feed treatment smashs the control of granuality and efficiency method

  • Treatment of feed of O* mechanical equipment smashs 1 seedling scene arranges the control method Song Yan of granuality and efficiency 2 Hao day is promoted 3 (1. Bureau of pasturage of county of Heilongjiang province Founder 150800, 2. Heilongjiang saves government of people of country of Kang Rong of Lan Xi county 151500, 3. Heilongjiang saves bureau of pasturage of Lan Xi county 151531) when correct disintegrator type produces feed of common aquatic product, 1 choice must choose small disintegrator. And average band is sifted piece small smash granuality is achieved 95% passing 0.15 purposes sieve aperture is difficulty, otherwise efficiency will be very low, they can satisfy general fish C to wait like carp, grass carp) or the feed of bigger fish smashs requirement. Use what air current classifications to have sieve and the treatment demand that can satisfy feed of eel, shrimp to wait without sieve disintegrator, its granuality is OK conveniently stepless adjusts C to be inside certain limits) . Have inside buy classifications the air current of screen mesh or device classifications small disintegrator has bigger advantage, can simplify the management of equipment, save investment.

    When machining feed of ox, sheep, need pair of straw, hay kind raw material undertakes mincing, smash and knead broken, choose collection consequently these 3 kinds of functions the type at an organic whole is most appropriate. Here, mincing function should be satisfied cut not congener straw and hay and can adjust continuously the requirement of mincing length.

    The 2 high grade sieves that choose appropriate aperture and percent opening piece sieve perforation diameter is to decide to smash the main factor of granuality. When be controlled roughly, sieve aperture aperture is optional smash than the product geometry is average bead way is 1 times older. When be controlled accurately, need to decide through the experiment, and this controls a condition differ along with the change of recipe raw material. Percent opening is the influence smashs the main factor of efficiency. Yield of percent opening high interest is high, can increase at the same time smash the geometry of the product is average granuality. Homebred small disintegrator is sifted piece percent opening is in bore diameter the on the low side when 1.5 above (lower than foreign product 5% 15% ) , sift piece ply and life are more Euramerican the product is low. Accordingly, need raises homebred sieve further piece quality.

    3 configuration smash reasonably craft 3.1 feed makings system feeder to must assure to be fed stable and balancedly makings. Current, can for the feeder of the choice feeder of screw feeder, impeller, oscillatory feeder, leather belt feeds machine of makings magnetic separation, gravity to classification feeder and the gravity that take circular wind classification feeder. These feeder can realize a basis lead plane bear is self-adjusting feed makings volume, also can pass keep clear of from belt or device of add magnetic separation iron is miscellaneous. The advantage of screw feeder is to enter makings mouth and the space that give makings opening to be able to be decided by the distance between makings storehouse and disintegrator, the design is decorated on agile, but still have pulsatile appearance for expecting. The defect of oscillatory feeder is noise big, airtight is poor, need to improve. Leather belt feeding machine and impeller feeder, gravitational feeder all can better land satisfies disintegrator feed feed demand, gravitational feeder returns the more serious foreign matter such as dissociable block, brick.

    3.2 appropriate suction wind system disintegrator is sucked wind and do not suck wind photograph to smash than can rising crop 10%30% . Suck the key that wind system designs, it is to be deployed correctly absorb wind force, to common disintegrator, every square metre is sifted piece minutely 4560 stere, to small disintegrator, every square metre is minutely for 5070 stere; 2 it is to make the wind speed control that sucks blast tuyere is in enough low level, lest smash,expect be sucked; 3 it is to should prevent systematic air leak. Contrary axis disintegrator also should consider to suck wind. Should use effort to carry to small disintegrator and give attention to two or morethings sucks wind.

    Of 3.31 effect classification equipment can be in before smashing or after smashing, add classification sieve, will smash expect or wait for smash makings undertake screening. The stock that accords with granuality requirement serves as smash finished product, too big grain remands smash again in disintegrator. Current and homebred classification the sieve basically has efficient classification smooth sieve and circumgyrate vibrating separator, both is big crop efficient equipment.

    3.4 use 2 times smash craft smashs to onefold loop craft smashs with craft undertakes comparative study to make clear, onefold loop smashs because craft was added after disintegrator classification sieve, enlarged disintegrator to sift piece bore diameter, below the situation that produces pig chicken feed, make disintegrator yield rises 30% , power consumption reduces 25% above. Use disintegrator - classification sieve - small disintegrator craft and disintegrator - feed of fish of production of small disintegrator craft, former rise than latter crop 20% , small smash power consumption reduces 20% above.

    3.5 use smash after burden first this craft has technology the uniformity that uses size of control feed product, those who be helpful for certain and oily stock and agglutinant stock waiting smash, agree with treatment contains the cultivate birds feed with more by-product and aquatic product feed to wait.

    The correct operation of 3.6 equipment and safeguard the metallic impurity in wanting eliminate raw material and other and harmful material, the hammer that protects disintegrator piece, sift piece, prevent to sift piece be broken and incontrollable product granuality. Disintegrator cannot excess load works. The cleanness that should make good equipment in time and maintain. Should adjust mechanical equipment in time according to the change of product and raw material disintegrator of 1 feed disintegrator is made for a long time place should secure go up in cement foundation. If often change,move workplace, disintegrator of fruit of the Ru on the baseplate that disintegrator and dynamoelectric confidential installation are using angle iron to make makes motivation should make both power photograph matchs power of JP diesel engine to be more than disintegrator power slightly with diesel engine, make both leather belt annulus groove is consistent, the end panel outside leather belt annulus is on same plane. The close solid of each component should be checked after disintegrator is installed, if have,shake marriage to be tightened rather. Cou checks leather belt degree of tightness to spend axis of motive of whether appropriate Ran and disintegrator axis parallel. Before disintegrator is started, use hand roll rotor first, check looks up tine claw, beat piece reach rotor movement has those who do not have collision phenomenon rotor to come back inside whether agile honest case to whether to indicate with the arrowhead on machine direction is consistent, electric machinery and disintegrator are lubricant good. Do not change casually leather belt annulus in case rotate speed is exorbitant make smash room generation explodes, or rotate speed is too low and influence work efficiency. After disintegrator is started first idling 23 minutes, makings work is sent again after doing not have unusual appearance. The locomotive case that disintegrator should note at any time in the job sends makings should even in case block frowsty car is not long excess load runs. If discover shake, murmur, bearing and airframe temperature are exorbitant, outward the phenomenon such as gush makings should jockey instantly examination, remove trouble rear can continue to work. The stock that smash should microscope, lest the good thing such as copper, iron, block is entered,smash room cause an accident. Operation personnel does not wear a glove, send should stand in disintegrator flank to rebound in case when makings sundry maul facial.

    Disintegrator of 2 forage grass operates a condition.

    4 control operation and the cleanness that safeguard cost to control the point that handles cost to carry raw material carry installation negative charge balanced those who carry equipment is optimal suck wind to maintain classification equipment is in optimal classification treatment of sort of efficiency Wang Que changes a sieve less piece and change the frequency of makings, reasonable use beat piece develop quadrilateral beat piece can press operation compasses operation strictly most. Controlling the point that maintains cost is: Make detailed equipment safeguard a plan to carry out amine equipment strictly to ask correct lubricant equipment maintains equipment cleanness to be opposite in time the facility that wear away and has trouble undertakes maintenance, make be in whack elaborate plan is small uphold charge.

    Feed of loss of 5 control feed is in smash the loss in the process basically has moisture and dust loss. If with weight loss 1% plan, a factory that produces per year 100 thousand tons of feed thanks broken makings to occupy feed of 70% foreign losses to be able to amount to 700 tons.

    If with every tons of feed 1500 yuan plan, year loss RMB 1.05 million yuan, visible control loss is very significant. The way that controls moisture loss should avoid namely excessive smash low smash indoor temperature. The way that controls dust loss is to should prevent the raise outside dust to answer to add epispastic dust in returning feed.

    This machine basically is used at smashing the coarse fodder such as the straw of all sorts of hay and crop, farm, grass and breed only place door will machine careless pink feed with it. Forage grass disintegrator can be comprised with other equipment complement with grass kind or the makings of thick raise ― that straw is main raw material processes unit. Can produce farinaceous or | Grain shape feed. If the hydrous I of raw material is measured,be in 15% the following, sieve aperture is 3 millimeter evil (like size of broomcorn grain of rice) sea hour can I produces 500 Gan Ke above. Single class is produced per year | Whether to have appearance of leakage of electricity fully, the T bolt of each place has without become loose, beat piece with the sieve piece have G | Y does not have damaged, move wind board to should lie ajar or condition of 5 1 a standard-sized sheet. The machine that start first idling G 115 minute ability begins to use. Labour | When making, do not extend the arm makings is indoor the makings that fill Gg, also do not wait for content disclose to expect with iron rod, want into S makings all lube of infuse of bearing of make friends G. Disintegrator makes 500 hours of Zun Shi in labour stomach, want to clean the rotor bearing of disintegrator, the G butter with right amount infuse. Beat piece it is this machine exclusive fragile § , but according to wearing away rate change is beaten piece angle, cannot use completely till Yan till. 1 times the gender changes to be beaten newly entirely piece should make sure former balance crisscross is arranged, achieve the balance position below high speed movement to prolong its service life. Sift the reoccupy after G of cutout of Mn magnetism exorcise. Need not catenary Pan 3 muti_function grass of cut up with a hay cutter, smash, use correctly of broken machine of knead machine feed with defend this machine use extensive already can grass of cut up with a hay cutter can smash again contain is OK straw kind feed holds rub to become short staple state in order to raise the dainty of feed, make the utilization rate of feed achieves optimal result. Be like straw of lucerne grass, corn, beans straw, feral grass kind etc is the raw material that does rub to smash. The need that the user uses this machine to be able to machine feed according to differring changes to sift a requirement that achieves feed of pair of different finished product differently. This machine still can make cut up with a hay cutter alone grass and smash use get off sieve piece mix a makings canister can mincing green M. Below the circumstance that does not have report, can make motive force with diesel engine. This machine is horary cut up with a hay cutter is careless 800 dry grams, ensiling 1500 Gan Kefen corn 300 Gan Kefen draw together plant 500 Gan Kefen grass 300 Gan Kefen straw 300 dry grams.