Fault the technology noting an oar of broken belt

  • Fault is broken take technical Hu Bin (Tang Shan of Heibei of company of group of construction opening Luan 063000) its apply, how to improve the efficiency that note an oar through example analysis, achieve the goal that note an oar.

    The technology that note an oar is in the construction project such as coal, metallurgy, traffic, building, it is one of important steps that water feels terrane of processing, consolidate, already made the fruitful special technology in subterranean project now. The equipment noting an oar with note oar project to be used namely certain, machines and tools forms the system that note an oar with pipeline is defeated by an oar, record the data that note an oar the person to arrive in the cranny of layer, hole, burrow, achieve a water, heavy curtain to defend the action of country rock of ooze, consolidate.

    The cliff that notes oar technology to note layer according to sufferring, construction and the purpose that note an oar can be divided for base cliff heavy curtain notes oar, fallen column to fill up record oar and broken band consolidate notes an oar. Below odd with respect to fault broken belt notes an oar to undertake the technology is summed up.

    The stress that the project geology of broken belt and fault of feature of geology of hydrogeology feature project take 2 fault is fault motion amasses position, from this fault belt formed the special and geological configuration that is different from other position, among them development is worn a series of concentrated burst areas, mixed and disorderly perhaps accumulation is worn the rock shiver that forms by fault motion, drossy reach the fault mud that fills up later to wait for content, manage plus Zhang Jie, cut the companion such as joint to give birth to construction, project geology condition is quite complex.

    2 hydrogeology feature guides according to its ability in swimming, fault can be divided commonly to guide water fault and blame guide water fault, because fault is broken the stone that take rock is inattentive, broken, desultorily, although dispute guides water fault, after be being used through master piece of dig, mechanical oscillatory substandard, also can become guide water passageway, the water of will other aquifer guides person, cause tunnel by stop production of adj/LIT wide, mine. Go up because of this project obligate fault protects area, if must wear outdated, should undertake the consolidate of broken belt mixes fault commonly a water.

    The technology noting an oar of broken belt is in 3 fault in project of cut of room of well alley, channel, Dong, should encounter fault when the complex and geological condition such as broken belt, soft rock or petty cranny aquifer, use noting an oar to block water and consolidate technology up is fruitful. Have 2 kinds of cases: The first kind is the block water fault of former zoology, the effect; The 2nd kind of circumstance is to be when cut construction, had happened dash forward water, risk fall or a large number of emerging slimy accident, make fault broken belt be mixed by serious destruction disturb, increased to note the difficulty of the oar thereby. Can achieve the goal that note an oar commonly through the following method.

    3.1 raise fault the can note sexual former zoology block water fault of broken belt is broken belt, grout can note a gender to differ in layer of this cultivate land, reduce a water and consolidate effect consequently, to achieve result of ideal the consolidate that block water up, abroad is used normally exceed fine cement or chemical size to serve as the material that note an oar. According to the actual condition of our country, use common cement, add measure of special the technology that note an oar to undertake construction, also obtained favorable result.

    New progress of project of construction of *156* ST hill collected works of conference of learning of construction of mine of 2005 whole nations (below book) fracture law notes an oar, break off namely crack note oar or extruding to note an oar, use size pass press action to push enlightened way in aquifer, cause what be communicated between cranny each other or enlarge petty cranny to leave degree, with raising rock formation can note a gender. This law is to noting oar initial stage to be given priority to with rare oar, ordinary water ash is compared for 34, the cement grain in rare size falls to leave to be able to rise to support action with the cranny that communicate to pressing in the action of pulse pressure, after once press,leave or enlarging cranny, turn into the phase that note an oar namely. The pressure value when using method of slow step up to find out the pumpage that note an oar to increase apparently normally serves as the pressure that note an oar. Press cranny time to need 1020min commonly, press cranny, pressure can drop somewhat, note an oar normally into the person at this moment. To prevent to be pressed cranny closes afresh and the influence notes an oar to measure, should note an oar continuously, avoid midway to stop pump.

    Alleged pretreatment law, the water glass solution that dilute passes to person of aperture internal pressure first before noting an oar namely (chroma 18 25Be) , after noting rock cranny as a result of water glass, have very big lubricant effect to cranny face, can raise the terrane absorption to size so ability, can increase the amount that note a person apparently. The order that notes oar construction every time is to press water ― to press ― of dilution water glass to press a person the water * of not less than water glass notes an oar.

    Use get into with the layer note an oar alternately by turns, make high-pressured size colludes with other bore through weak terrane, have displacement and extruding effect, also can increase the amount that note a person apparently. Will be the same as for example group a few bore achieve identical layer, note an oar by turns to each aperture respectively, such high-pressured size will pass weak terrane interface and other two aperture are communicated, push the thing such as foreign matter other each aperture, make size fills up by the passageway of displacement. When size appears from other bore, close drill instantly, continue to note an oar, make size diffuses further, press on-the-spot layer.

    Limitation diffuses serously in fault broken belt notes an oar, be in in water calamity especially when manage, if size diffuses too far, can waste the material that note an oar, lengthen time limit for a project, reduce the effect that note an oar, can use what limit size with next measure to diffuse.

    Initial stage notes an oar to note a person the amount is very large, make size fills hole of fill a vacancy and extremely inattentive position first, after waiting for these place to be held basically by serous and caky body, use ration to note an oar again, for many times answer the craft noting an oar that note, such already but the managing material that note an oar, can improve the result that note an oar again.

    3.2.2 logical choices note oar material, size to deserve to note oar technology more integratedly than using, choose all sorts of material that note an oar and size according to actual condition all sorts of matching that compare. Can choose to use odd fluid grout, cement one water glass double fluid oar, cement fast coagulate cement of oar, clay is stiff change the size such as the oar, or add person laziness material according to the circumstance, wait like sand, sawdust. Basic principle is first after thick oar rare oar, first oar of fluid of the sheet after other size, till achieve,note oar end.

    2.3 reduce the stage high that note an oar to achieve purpose layer note an oar, can reduce the stage high that note an oar appropriately, can increase of the purpose that note an oar so, improve the result that note an oar.

    * 3.2.4 is lengthened answer note time to pass lengthen appropriately answer note time, can raise serous gel rate, limitative size diffuses distance.

    Shandong some iron ore is a new-style mine, design ability is produce per year 500 thousand T. When one 245m carries level dig, encounter fault broken belt, directly encounters dash forward water and cause adj/LIT wide well, water level one 97m, in displacement 600m3/h, the design of tunnel of platoon of around accumulative total and Dong room and construction water when 1.2 million M3, the biggest fall deep 100m, after stopping drain off water, water level is in at one 155m evenly.

    In one 245m level dash forward after water, mine just asked an expert to undertake an analysis to giving water case, combine water analysis report, think dash forward the Ao Tao that water source of water comes from ore body bottom is lime cliff aquifer. Dash forward water passageway has 2 to plant likelihood, it is ore body and Ao Tao firstly there is fault to exist between the cliff that fasten ash, those who destroyed terrane is successional, broken belt becomes fault the channel that abstruse ash water receives person ore body; It is to may have diminutive secondly tectonic combination and Ao Tao fasten grey cliff to communicate form channel giving water.

    Use ground cloth opening, use note oar technology integratedly to be opposite dash forward water passageway and dash forward water dot is local undertake sealing blocking up, form particular strength, certain ply to note oar heavy curtain, the connection of isolation and abstruse ash water, and consolidate fault is broken belt and country rock.

    Use small stage high for many times answer the be issued to lower levels that note notes oar pattern, use KWS to carry pull type to stop oar a place of strategic importance is achieved stop oar purpose. Fault is broken take upside to note an oar for craft, stage high is 2025m, broken belt is fault to note an oar mainly paragraph, stage high is 1015m. Alluvium uses combination of drilling tool of the type that place weight, namely 215mm gear wheel + 159mm drill collar + state 9mm drill pipe, starting a hole is accomplished protect press continuously, gently, big pump quantity is gotten into, bore takes a person more complete base after cliff, servent 68mm bushing, use cement to close clearance of bushing outer shroud. Base cliff is gotten into use 0118mm gear + 102mm aggravating lever + 89mm drill pipe is gotten into combination, get into strong lotion to be clear water.

    This project used advanced calm guide inclined technology, those who assured the project that note an oar is successional with purpose , managing time limit for a project and bore charge.

    (1) directional: Basically use JJX ― 3 model with JDT ― 5 model gyroscope and DX ― 18 model sheet nods directional appearance to reach prejudicial guide inclined implement, satisfied high accuracy to decide the construction of guide inclined hole.

    (2) go to inclined get into: Use along with auger can carry type to guide inclined implement and desirable type guides inclined implement go to inclined, guide inclined after be being gotten into minor key point, via making bore diameter amounts to former diameter after reaming.

    (1) diffuse radius: To assure to record strength of oar heavy curtain, this second note an oar to diffuse radius design is 15m, because this project belongs to broken belt to note an oar, rate of its cranny size, growth in different layer paragraph, the difference on different way is very big, accordingly in different layer paragraph, the distance diffusing on different way is different, distinct size is used to undertake modulatory in real work.

    (2) the pressure that note an oar: According to the data, dash forward water level of water initial stage is one 97m, stability is in later one 155m, give water to nod pressure for resistance, assure to diffuse radius, the design notes oar pressure to be 1.52.0 times of dead water pressure, to assure to note oar quality, this second use upper limit to be worth 2 times, note oar pressure to be 3.54.5MPa namely. (3) serous sort and size deserve to compare: Serous sort is given priority to with odd fluid grout, match with cement one water glass cement of double fluid oar, clay is stiff change oar and cement fast coagulate the oar undertakes noting an oar integratedly. Grout chroma (water ash is compared) 0. 6: 11.25: 1. Use odd fluid thick oar or other size in the begining, use when the end that note an oar 1. 25: The odd fluid rare grout of 1. Distinct size deserves to see a table than reaching suitable scope detailed 1. (4) the program that note an oar: The order that notes oar construction every time is: ― of a place of strategic importance below the ― that make hole receives pipeline to match oar ― to note oar ― to adjust ― of the parameter that note an oar to note an oar to end ― to press clear water ― to rinse pipeline and equipment ― to carry ― of conserve of ― of a place of strategic importance to sweep aperture to ― answer is noted or issue a paragraph to be gotten into.

    (5) sweep Kong Hefu to note time: This project sweeps the 8h after ending to note an oar between Kong Shi, but in order to note an oar paragraph inside size can hold drilling tool in the palm to be accurate, extend the time that sweep aperture otherwise. Answer note time to be 1624h surely, more use 24h. New progress of project of *158* mine construction collected works of conference of learning of construction of mine of 2005 whole nations (below book) express 1 distinct size to match size of serouser than reaching suitable scope type to match grout of odder than suitable scope fluid water ash is compared (heavy expensive) . 6: 11. 25: 1, additive salt 0.5% , 3 alcohol amine 0.05% , all weigh for cement expensive water glass of the cement when noting an oar than noting oar and end normally water glass of double fluid oar (42Be) the 4%8% that is grout bulk measures into the oar very big and note an oar not cement of step up clay is stiff earth of embellish of the Peng that turn a starch: Cement: Water is 76: 40: 150, rejoin size is measured into the oar very big and note an oar not of step up first the water glass of bulk 3%5% only then level, or have run oar phenomenon cement fast coagulate oar sheet joins cement to weigh inside fluid grout expensive of 5% fast coagulate the agent measures into the oar big and just beginning boost phase (6) standard of the end that note an oar: Block water and consolidate quality up to assure to note an oar, standard of every paragraphs of end that note an oar is: Note oar pressure 4.5MPa, serous chroma (water ash is compared) do not be less than 1. This project in all construction 2 bore and 2 branch aperture, accumulative total drilling engineering is measured 857. 5m, note an oar 71 times in all, note person size 1127.9m3, use cement 996.5t, water glass 5. Before this engineering construction, mine emerges water measures 600m3/h, after the project that note an oar ends, the rest emerges water quantity is 10m3/h only, the rate that block water up is as high as 98% above. The effect that block water up is apparent, note an oar to block water photograph up to should succeed.

    After this project ends, mine just undertook manufacturing prepare and resumptive production immediately. Produce 2 months computation in order to shift to an earlier date, managing catchment charge amounts to more than yuan 50, obtained favorable social beneficial result and economic benefits.

    (1) in well alley in project, if encounter fault broken belt, working face of best and advanced travel notes an oar beforehand, had done the heavy curtain that note an oar, can reduce cost substantially so, managing time limit for a project.

    (2) before construction of the engineering that note an oar, should make a thorough investigation of above all fountainhead giving water, passageway crossing water, so that undertake noting an oar purposefully, accomplish have a definite object in view.

    (3) in noting oar project, general situation of geological condition, project must be clear about, accurate, technical program is sound, parameter of the equipment that note an oar, machines and tools, material, craft, technology is optimized match, ability achieves the goal that note an oar, achieve the favorable result that note an oar.

    Project geology is professional, university undergraduate course, senior engineer, currently hold the post oflacquer ' branch of mine of construction group land assistant manager of department of the 2nd project.

    Tunnel reachs the design of Dong room and construction. 159.