The purpose of use helix chute and meaning

  • The purpose of use helix chute and meaning

    Develop up to now, the form of helix pomegranate chamfer basically has 3 kinds: Type of a kind of axis in be, install axle of a center in position of bunker center line namely, axle of this means center shoulds not be fixed and firm, angle of the helix inside helix chute is small, coal velocity of flow is rapidder; One kind is inside set pattern, the corkscrewed yarn that is edge design and helix chute parameter shed coal cell body in the cut inside bunker storehouse wall, enchase helix chute again at shedding coal cell body inside, this form is applied to bunker is built below the well; Another kind is wall hung, the corkscrewed yarn that presses a design namely and parameter of helix pomegranate chamfer have articulatory treatment in the ground, the good treatment helix chute when installation is secured with colophony awl lever go up in bunker storehouse wall, this form is applied to and issue next building to already had bunker, well bunker and ground bunker.
    Helix chute technology is to compare advanced erect bunker to prevent lump coal at present outside broken technology, still can block a storehouse up in order to prevent at the same time, prevent lump coal with other broken technology photograph is compared, it is to rely on the gravity of coal to glide, its won't suffer operation element to affect and inorganic instrument puts block, operation fare is low, use convenient, reduce effect of lump coal loss constant. At present wall hung outside already special maturity mixes helix chute technology perfect, brought remarkable economic benefits for the colliery.
    New condition mine advocate the coal that collect 3# and 15# coal, main support uses lump coal crop light-duty the 15# coal-bed of the coal that put a top, long-term since, because reprint link much, bunker broken coal is serious, lump coal crop is inferior all the time. New condition mine has adopted working surface to put shake prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun, reprint a dot to install spacing of amortize dustpan, bunker to wait for a series of raising the method that lump coal leads, but the effect is not quite apparent.
    Via mine investigation and coal pledge sampling of sectional lump coal is analysed, the lump coal rate that coal of 15# of new condition mine reprints engine office in working surface is on average 34.36% , be reprinted through 7 facility for transporting and after 15# coal divides bunker of the carry that hold fraction, rate of lump coal of the raw coal when reaching plant of ground person coal washing is on average 15.43% , loss of rate of carriage link lump coal is amounted to 18.93% . Analyse lump coal is basically loss link divides bunker of the carry that hold fraction for 15# coal (deep 58m, diametical 8m) , the perpendicular fall damaged rate to lump coal is as high as bunker 6% above. Mine of new in November 2005 condition what in a unit of length coal of 81 areas 15# divided bunker of the carry that hold fraction and Dong Cangan of ground raw coal to install designing institute of Dan of coal industry Han to design is wall hung helix chute has a test, gained a success, brought obvious economic benefits for new condition mine.