From the pathogeny that why starts to search scaleboard of gnathic type crusher

  • From the pathogeny that why starts to search scaleboard of gnathic type crusher

    On the structural design of the broken antrum of gnathic type crusher, the static jaw that completes broken work to can be protected and move jaw, prolong its life, decrease grind the loss that cause, general metropolis is in the bracket with the exterior installation good wearability of jaw board, common saying says advantageous have disadvantage, in the production of crusher scaleboard often can appear the circumstance that fall off, and cause harm to other component, the reason that SBM falls off to may causing scaleboard undertook one by one exemple lift:

    Be like: Shift of board of another name for Hubei province, tine top and the bedspring that tine carries opposite; pull rod on the head damage or position of wiring of electric machinery of; of emergence of attaint of flabby; pull rod, tired cap is received turn over; bracket and bracket rough travel, deflective; is exceeded to show the; bracket such as the regulation by the hardness of broken stock or tenacity, show circular arc cave in about 10 millimeter control asymmetry, bracket plant in grass rough travel, bring about bracket to fall off; or it is the fixed position that solders on baseplate slips wear away ply not all, actual measurement error is bigger, cause adjust wedge piece and baseplate contact are not perpendicular, cause bracket to fall off. When the motion that move another name for Hubei province rises, bracket after getting power deflective as rough as bracket travel, bracket is easy from bracket in emergence.

    SBM gives out in the light of above problem offer a solution:

    Repair principle does not change crusher parameter: Horn of two tine clench the teeth can be adjusted between 18~23° , broken Bikeda 10; bracket length is comfortable choose to be able to be used at K=(16.5—25)r, swing between journey S≈(2—2.2)r appropriate. Bracket cooperate chute rehabilitate, assure bracket parallel in groove shift. Repair baseplate slips, assure with bracket cooperate to be able to be shown perpendicular rise or drop.

    Above is the case study that SBM falls off to scaleboard of gnathic type crusher and solution summarize, the hope can solve the problem that you encounter, offer a help, find the source of breakdown correctly, solve the regular job production that eliminates “ pathogeny ” to assure product line.