Function of crusher of heavy weight type gets be developinged adequately

  • Function of crusher of heavy weight type gets be developinged adequately

    The pace is later since the development of limestone mineral products of our country, the scope of the enterprise is less. After whole industry passes intense competition, below the adjustment of national policy and market, the progressively health that enters standardization develops course, the economic benefits of the sort of the scale of production of the enterprise and product and enterprise got substantially promotion.
    In last few years, the scientific research ability of the enterprise of a few enterprises increases gradually, throw mining equipment and the strength that machine a respect to increase, especially hammer type crusher is broken respect, this equipment applies generally at each industries, use at brickyard, broken gangue, shaly, cindery, the stock such as limestone. But once the humidity of these stock increases, with respect to the crop that can affect facility, but the crusher of heavy weight type of new research and development of Zhengzhou SBM company can help you handle this issue.
    Above all, this crusher realizes double rotor design, what crusher of annulus hammer type uses is two rotor of mutual series connection, after stock enters makings storehouse, stock passes rotor, be attacked to break, enter the rotor below, by peen broken, in broken antrum, stock hits at full speed, mutual and broken, after broken end, from give makings mouth eduction, formed granuality to be less than the finished product stock of 3mm. Stock of this finished product can satisfy the demand that makes brickyard.
    Next, this equipment is mixed without screen mesh board of comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb, even if is the stock of high humidity, also won't jam, broken than big, efficiency is tall, do not have any requirements to the moisture content of stock, won't put in stock cannot the problem of seasonable eduction, won't bring about peen excessive wear away. What this equipment uses is the compound wear-resisting peen of SBM company research and development, crusher of annulus hammer type is whole it is heat treatment process, strengthened the wearability of peen and tenacity, enhance wear-resisting to spend. Still having rotor share also is adoption heat treatment, improved the maintenance difficulty of rotor. Produce the promotion that tastes function, especially the technology of crusher equipment and development, make promotion of arenaceous stone mass, improved the management condition of the enterprise, current, the arenaceous stone industry of our country is stabler still, the price of the product also is in progressively rise, realized integral gain.
    Further progress got when crusher of heavy weight type encounters problem of a few difficulty again, the performance that can say to weigh hammer type crusher also got sufficient play.