The stand or fall of the quality of crusher is affecting stock directly

  • The stand or fall of the quality of crusher is affecting stock directly

    The stand or fall of the quality of crusher is being affected directlyStockConsider a manager13592456495Rectify the quality of an arenaceous stone aggregate that controls production of arenaceous product line! If we want to reduce needle of manufacturing stone aggregate piece shape grain content, need to be in much home notices crusher in broken process! Lumber crusher is to be used technically at the article such as broken lumber, wood, rangjida arrives to use value highestly, reduce environmental pollution. This lumber crusher is broken when stock, finished product exterior arrives from sawdust shape, grain shape a shape is OK freedom adjustment.

    To can assure the manufacturing efficiency of lumber crusher, the following item should notice when use. Each place setting looks to whether accord with a requirement before launching a machine, metallic article do not be dropped inside machine, use a hand first move leather belt to undertake trying the job, look to have bite evil spirit lest break out,touch the idea such as housing with scroll disturbance. 2, switch on the mobile phone order: Open fan first, lead plane flies after, stop fan stops after lead plane stopping first when machine. 3, bear of the electric machinery in assuring to using a process cannot carry. 4, often should examine bit to grind board wear away program, if discover bit,grind board wear away austere should seasonable more. 5, the method with fineness recuperation: (1)The basis is fineness demand can recuperate bit edge axial to order about recuperation, inclined bit is less from cone-shaped face space fineness smaller jump over conversely big. (2)Exam jellaba: Jellaba falls inside spends heighten conversely by thick, stop continuously take out jellaba. (3)Adjust wind force: Air door opens granuality of the little flow that reduce wind to add fine conversely thick, mouth of wind force is too small makings is easy outward dusting. Production limited company of machinery of Zhengzhou city SBM has manufacturing technology experience of more than 30 years, major produces the ball mill equipment of all sorts of model, dryer equipment, crusher equipment, make arenaceous aircraft equipment, arenaceous Shi Sheng produces line equipment, the mine such as mineral separation equipment is mechanical, use wait for industry domain with building, chemical industry, mine, the equipment of production line major of whole set, the technology is banner at course of study of person of the same trade, after service is high-class, it is your pretty good choice manufacturer! If need dials a hot line please: 86-21-58386189 13592456495Consider a managerCrusherHttp://