The character of peen of analytic SBM crusher

  • Peen is crusher indispensable part, the peen of different structure and geometrical appearance, the mechanical function of its heat treatment, in-house metallographic organization has very big difference, bigger to ply peen, can have the aid of is mixed at be being cast reasonably heat treatment, will improve this one condition. Sort of SBM crusher peen is various, have peen of hammer type crusher, finely machine peen, peen of complex formula crusher, peen of crusher of annulus hammer type; Can divide character with respect to material to forging crusher peen, peen of crusher of tall manganese steel, peen of crusher of high standard alloy, compound crusher peen. Forging among them crusher peen is low-cost, economy is durable wait for a characteristic to favor by broad user, apply to broken cobble, gangue, limestone. Tenacity of peen of crusher of tall manganese steel is good, craft is good, the price is low, its are main the characteristic is to be below bigger impact or the action that contact stress, exterior layer machines rapid generation sclerosis, its machine sclerotic index to compare other material tall 5—7 times, wearability gets bigger rise. Hardness of peen of crusher of tall chromic alloy is highest, it is a kind of high grade wear-resisting material, mix in the finely opportunity that supportive hammer is worn struck back get applied extensively on type crusher. SBM makes manufacturer as professional crusher, with more the manner of deal with concrete matters relating to work, development innovation establishs more economic value system, bold undertake technical craft innovates, make a more mature and perfect broken system, rush to have the navigate place of authoritative crusher most, provide more efficient and high grade breaking equipment product and the service that perfect sincerely for broad client, the development that is facilities of facilities of our country crusher makes larger contribution. More seeks advice: + 86-21-58386189, 58386176 welcomes visit net of SBM crusher official: Http:// (Hj)